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21 Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala By Budget
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Are you travelling to Antigua Guatemala soon? You’re in for a special treat! But I’m guessing there is one important question in your mind – which is the best area for your stay in Antigua, Guatemala?

Luckily for us travellers, there are SO many options to choose from, for all preferences and budgets. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as it will make choosing even more complicated. Where do you stay in Antigua for the best experience? What if you’re on a budget? What if you’re touring the country with your family?

I’ll answer all these questions in the article below. I have carefully selected my personal recommendations for the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala, just for you!

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Let’s get started with where to stay:

Which are the best areas to stay in Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua Guatemala is a historic place full of culture, history, art and adventure. There are different areas in the city that cater to different types of tourists and budgets, but the 3 neighbourhoods in Antigua below are the most recommended options:

  • El Caseo My top recommendation! This is the most popular neighbourhood in Antigua and a perfect choice for first-timers. It’s considered to be the centre of the city and the place where you’ll find Santa Catalina Arch, the famous Mercado, the Chocolate Museum and La Merced Church as well!
  • Santa Ana – one of the coolest places to stay in Antigua Guatemala, especially if you’re on a tight budget. It’s a neighbourhood of culture, only +/- 2 km away from the city centre, so you’ll be close to all the main attractions without breaking the bank to pay for your accommodation! Some of the highlights of this area include Santo Domingo del Cerro, Ermita de Santa Isabel and more.
  • Barrio de La Concepción – You can also put this awesome neighbourhood on your list if you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere. It’s located right near the centre of Antigua (1 km away) and close to the Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint as well!
map showing the best areas to stay in Antigua Guatemala
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Where to stay in Antigua, Guatemala - Best luxury hotels

El Convento Boutique Hotel
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I know that I’ve already mentioned that you can find any type of accommodation that you could wish for in this town, but I’ll say it again! From hostels to apartments and luxurious boutique hotels, Antigua Guatemala is here to make your dreams come true. And trust me, their luxury hotels are the real deal!

All the hotels recommended below are hand-picked by myself and all of them have incredible reviews and amazing facilities that will make your trip a real treat:

  • El Convento Boutique Hotel – If you’re looking for a 5-star boutique hotel in Antigua, this one’s probably #1 on my list. It has a large number of amazing facilities such as a swimming pool, great food, a very nice garden and more! 
  • Porta Hotel Antigua – This is one of the most popular hotels in Guatemala! It boasts a beautiful outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant with Guatemalan dishes and nicely decorated rooms. Also, it’s located close to the centre which is ideal!
  • Hotel Museo Spa Casa Santo Domingo – Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is probably one of the most famous luxury hotels in Antigua Guatemala! It has rooms with a garden view and some rooms even have free spa access included. Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is definitely one of my top recommendations in town!
  • Camino Real Antigua – Next on my list of upscale places to stay is Camino Real. Each room at this accommodation is decorated in a classic style and they also have a very good on-site restaurant. Plus, you’ll only be a short walk away from all the main attractions!
  • Hotel Soleil La Antigua – Superb rooms, breakfast included, an on-site restaurant and a free shuttle to the Central Park – you can expect all these and more if you choose to stay here. One of the best places to stay in Antigua Guatemala for a luxurious experience!
  • San Rafael Hotel – Located right near Santa Catalina Arch, this is one of the best places to stay in the city! San Rafael is an excellent choice not just for one night, but probably for a full week of amazing service! Breakfast is included in your stay, too, which I think is a nice little perk.
  • Posada del Angel – Last but not least, there’s Posada del Angel, another superb place for a luxurious visit to Antigua. They have plenty of room choices set in a colonial house and lots of amenities! Plus, Posada hotel is located only a short walk away from all the important sights in the city.

Where to stay in Antigua, Guatemala - Best mid-range hotels

Hotel Las Camelias Inn by AHS
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  • Hotel Casa de Eunice – If you want to be very close to the center of Antigua Guatemala without paying a fortune, this one’s for you! This 3-star hotel has a wonderful rooftop terrace, free Wi-Fi and very nice rooms. Breakfast is included in the price, too!
  • Hotel y Arte Antigua – Another beautiful hotel located very close to the center, Hotel y Arte offers some pretty artistic rooms, all painted with different motifs! They also have an on-site restaurant, a bar and private parking as well! 
  • Hotel Las Camelias Inn by AHS – Central location, colonial-style décor, a terrace with a gorgeous view and hand-carved wooden furniture – you can expect all this and more if you book a room at this hotel! Unfortunately, there’s no restaurant on-site but you can find some local food places very close to the accommodation.
  • Hotel Casa del Parque by AHS – This cosy hotel has a number of pretty cool amenities: handmade Guatemalan furniture and fabrics in all rooms, a heated outdoor pool and sauna where you can relax and unwind and private parking too if you need it. And the view from the balconies is pretty incredible too!

Where to stay in Antigua, Guatemala - Best budget hotels

Hotel Casa del Cerro, one of the best hotels in antigua guatemala
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  • Hotel Casa del Cerro – Clean rooms with a strong local vibe, a cosy garden, a shared kitchen that you can use as you please and a continental breakfast if you wish – sounds nice, right? Plus, this super nice hotel is located close to Iglesia La Merced and Arco Santa Catalina too!
  • Hotel La Sin Ventura – If you’re looking for a place that offers very good value for the price you’ll be paying, this hotel is the right choice! They have a rooftop terrace, a cute on-site cafe with local coffee and plenty of room options. Plus, the location is very close to San José Cathedral!
  • Hotel Panchoy by AHS – Here’s another very good hotel set in a central location that offers everything you can wish for at pretty convenient rates. And did I mention the amazing view of the volcanoes from the terrace? Yep, pretty cool!
  • Hotel Casa de las Fuentes – This is a beautiful 3-star hotel with classic rooms, free Wi-Fi and parking included as well. The location is kind of unbeatable too, considering the price: only 5 minutes away from the famous arch in Antigua Guatemala!

Where to stay in Antigua, Guatemala - Best hostels

Barbaras Boutique Hostel
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  • Barbara’s Boutique Hostel – A boutique hostel right in the centre of the city with gorgeous rooms? Yes, sir, count me in! This accommodation offers very good value for the price you’ll be paying considering that there’s free wifi all around the property, a shared lounge, a nice garden and a terrace as well. Plenty of opportunities to make some friends!
  • Maya Papaya – There are regular hostels and then there’s Maya Papaya. Guests will surely enjoy the beautiful, bright rooms at this hostel, the free wifi access, the bar, the garden and the cool overall atmosphere!
  • Ojala – This hostel has amazing reviews and it offers different types of rooms – either shared ones with 4 or 8 beds or private ones for two people. You can choose whatever suits your budget and travel plans. And they have VERY good rates per night!
  • Adra Hostel – Guests will feel just like in a hotel here thanks to the colourful, clean rooms, the cosy terrace and the concierge service as well. Plus, every room has a patio with a garden view – I think that’s pretty cool!

Where to stay in Antigua, Guatemala - Best apartments

Cissus Hotel Boutique
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I’m a big fan of staying at apartments in every city I travel to, be it Antigua or any other destination in the world. I really believe that apartments are an excellent choice for people travelling on a tight budget, people travelling in big groups of friends or family or simply people that want to enjoy a local vibe in a real home.

If you feel the same, here are my recommended apartments in Antigua Guatemala:

  • New and Luxurious Apartment – This cosy apartment will make you feel like you own a house in Antigua! The whole apartment has 100 m², two rooms, a garden with a patio, a fully equipped kitchen and plenty of restaurants close to the accommodation! Perfect for up to 4 people.
  • Cissus Hotel Boutique – This one is not really an apartment but not a hotel either! It’s a very cool aparthotel that has good rates per night. Some of the facilities here include a garden and a terrace, a fitness centre only 50m away from the accommodation and the possibility to choose between different types of rooms. You’ll feel like you’re staying in a boutique hotel here!

This was my complete list of recommended hotels, hostels and apartments in the historic city of Antigua Guatemala. I hope you found this article useful and I hope you already found the ideal accommodation for your visit from the list above!

Before you leave, I recommend you read up about all the exciting things to do in Antigua here. I have written about all the famous landmarks in the city, how to hike a volcano, which local foods to eat and lots of other important information before you set off on your trip.

Oh, and by the way! If you want to read more about this special country, I recommend clicking here to find out all about my adventures in Guatemala.



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Where to stay in Antigua Guatemala
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    21 Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala By Budget
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