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Where to Stay in Munduk Bali - Best Munduk Hotels For All Budgets
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Munduk is a great area in northern Bali, Indonesia, located around one hour and a half from Ubud. It’s the perfect spot to see some unique waterfalls, lakes, coffee plantations, hot springs and rice terraces. A must-do if your itinerary allows it!

If you’re planning on doing the Munduk Waterfall Trail and to explore the numerous attractions in the nearby area, it is worth it to take your time and spend one or two nights in Munduk village. In this case, in the article below you’ll find ALL the best Munduk hotels, guesthouses and cottages to stay in both in the village of Munduk and in the surrounding areas. For all budgets and preferences, all hand-picked by me!

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A couple of things to note before booking your hotel in Munduk:

  • The village of Munduk is located in a steep valley and some accommodations require going up some (sometimes numerous) steps. Keep this info in mind and check beforehand when choosing your hotel in case you have problems accessing this type of places;
  • If you choose a hotel a bit outside of Munduk Village (I have a special section for them below, make sure to still check it out), please don’t think you’ll be too far away. Most nearby attractions won’t be more than 10–20 minutes away by scooter and the village itself and its restaurants and shops are very close to all the hotels I’ll be recommending here;
  • Please keep in mind that most luxury resorts are located a bit outside of Munduk village, as you’ll see in my recommendations and notes below. But because most of them offer either scooter or bike rental, it’ll be SO easy to get around!
  • If you want to find out more about the famous Munduk Waterfall Trail that takes you to 5 superb waterfalls, I recommend checking out my dedicated article: Bali: Munduk Waterfall Trail
  • And if you need some inspiration about some other cool things to do in the area of Munduk, here’s the article for you!

Munduk Village hotels

Munduk Village hotels
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Most of the accommodations in Munduk are located on the main road or very close to it. This means you’ll have easy access to everything interesting happening in the village, including restaurants, bars, shops and all the cool things to do in Munduk. Here are the best ones I could find with super-duper reviews and a great list of amenities:

Resorts & luxury hotels in Munduk Village

Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa
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Unfortunately, most accommodation options in Munduk fall under the mid-range or budget section, with lots of affordable homestays and guesthouses, but I still found two great resorts and villas for you below:

  • Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa – This amazing 4-star resort has an infinity pool and it’s settled in an organic coffee plantation. Some villas even have their own private infinity pool – how awesome is that? This is the best luxury resort in Munduk that everybody talks about! Okay, I admit, it’s not really on the main road, so I’d normally add it in the next section below, but it really is your BEST upscale option!
  • Munduk Heaven Luxury Villas – Gorgeous, gorgeous villas with an unforgettable restaurant and a beautiful infinity pool. You can choose from a floating villa or a forest cabin – whichever floats your boat!

Mid-range accommodations in Munduk Village

Munduk Menir Villas
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  • Munduk Menir Villas – Amazing villas surrounded by lush nature – coffee and clove plantations, to be more precise. They have an outdoor swimming pool, a hot tub and some of the villas even have their own terrace or balcony with beautiful views.
  • Atres Sari Munduk Resort – A very nice resort with clean rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a garden and a bar. They offer an amazing service for very good prices!
  • Atres Villa – This is not just a simple accommodation, as they present themselves as an entire holiday park! They have an outdoor swimming pool, beautiful bungalows (some of them have 2 stories), good food, scooters for rent and the staff can even arrange different tours for you.
  • Swar Bali Lodge – Cute and cosy, this 2-star hotel has a terrace and beautiful rooms. You can do some cycling close to the hotel and enjoy an American or Asian breakfast. Yum!
  • Meme Surung Hotel – I recommend this homestay to anyone that wants to experience an authentic stay in a Balinese home with very good prices. One of the best things about this place is the outdoor veranda with beautiful mountain views.
  • Gumi Ayu EcoHotel – A nice inn with very good prices, free parking, an on-site restaurant and a bar. You can choose from different types of suites according to your needs and budget!

Budget guesthouses and homestays in Munduk Village

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  • Adila Warung and Homestay – This is a cute guesthouse with an on-site restaurant, outdoor pool, and superb views of the mountains. They have very good prices and the Wi-Fi is very good as well!
  • Villa Sande – This is a 3-star bed and breakfast with an outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge and free parking. Plus a sun terrace that’s perfect for relaxation!
  • Pondok Asri Homestay Munduk – Free Wi-Fi, a terrace for all units, an on-site restaurant (warung, to be more precise) – these are all waiting for you if you choose to book a room at this comfy homestay in Munduk!
  • Ekommunity – This affordable holiday park has a garden, a terrace and a shared kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals and save some money. They offer cheap but comfortable stays in private glamping tents or shared dorms!
  • Damarwidi Glamping by Madhava – In the mood for some glamping? I got you! This clean and cosy campsite offers different types of tents, an Asian breakfast and a very good location close to the rice fields. Cheap and comfortable!

Hotels around Munduk - nearby villages and valleys

Sanak Retreat Bali in Munduk
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You don’t need to stay in the heart of Munduk in order to explore the area, my friends! In fact, most of the luxury resorts are not located along the main road, but a bit outside of Munduk. And you’ll find all my best recommendations below:

  • Sanak Retreat Bali – Beautiful 4-star resort in the middle of some lush rice fields. It’s very quiet, the staff is extremely friendly and the service is amazing. What more can you wish for?!
  • Melanting Cottages – This one has an amazing location for visiting the nearby waterfalls! The gorgeous, cosy cottages have Balinese architecture and they all have a private balcony with picture-perfect views and clean bathrooms. 
  • Villa Dua Bintang – Excellent guesthouse with an outdoor pool, free parking, an on-site restaurant and bar. All guests say that the rooms are spacious and the staff is super friendly, which is a great plus!
  • Puri Lumbung Cottages – Not just cosy cottages, but an on-site restaurant and spa as well! This place offers a very good service for affordable prices.
  • Lesong Hotel and Restaurant – A very nice hotel located in the middle of a rice field, right next to Munduk. This accommodation offers an on-site restaurant, a terrace for each room and a cosy garden where you can relax and unwind.
  • Terrasse du Lac Tamblingan – Cute guesthouse with a terrace and a choice of either English or American breakfast. The rooms are simple but they have everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay!

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This was my complete list of recommended Munduk hotels in Bali! Regardless if you’re looking for a complete splurge in a luxury resort or a budget accommodation such as a hostel or a guesthouse, you’ve got some great options in my lists above.

If you need more help planning your trip and itinerary for Munduk, I recommend clicking here to find all my articles about this cool destination and its nearby waterfalls and here you will find all my posts and stories about Bali. Do check them out!



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Bali Munduk a complete hotel guide
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Top accommodation options in Munduk Bali
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    Where to Stay in Munduk Bali - Best Munduk Hotels For All Budgets
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