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Your Camden Town Guide - How to Explore This London Neighbourhood
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Looking for a quirky neighbourhood in London that will keep your head spinning and your heart buzzing? Then Camden Town needs to be the next stop on your itinerary! And if you’re looking for the best things to do in Camden, as well as the best restaurants and hotels here, this Camden Town guide is here to help.

Whether you are looking for a fun and vibrant solo vacation, or a couple’s trip you’ll never forget, Camden promises not to disappoint. With a rich music history, buzzing nightlife, and plenty of art to enjoy, Camden is truly one of a kind. And I really mean it! I fell in love with this neighbourhood a long time ago and, since then, I keep coming back for more. And it sure delivers!

Let’s get started with our Camden guide, read on to hear about London’s hip and quirky neighbourhood!

A bit about Camden Town, London

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Camden is a place that is bursting with lively energy. You’ll find everything here, from funky street art to traditional pubs and a famous market (Camden Town Market). All these make this place incredible! If you are a music fanatic, then what are you waiting for? Camden is known for its rock and punk history and catching live-music is a must-do while you’re in town. Camden is a coveted place to live among Londoners, and after one visit you’ll see exactly why.

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Where is Camden?

Camden borough is a part of Central London, only one stop away by train from Euston Station.

camden town map in london
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6 Things to do in Camden, London

Camden offers plenty of things to do for all types of travellers. Scroll down through my Camden area guide to find my top suggestions for your itinerary:

1 - Camden Town Market

camden town market in london
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Dropping by the famous Camden Market is absolutely non-negotiable. Period!

If you’re over the vanilla look of high-street fashion, then Camden Market will offer the perfect playground for you. It’s important to note that Camden Market actually encompasses a few different markets, such as Camden Lock Market and Stable Market – I recommend reading about the two if you want a complete Camden Market guide. These are all within walking distance and make an afternoon of shopping a world of fun!

If you can, set aside an entire day to explore every inch of these markets and enjoy some bites to eat! Your wardrobe will thank you – and your tummy too!

Camden Market hours: the market is open every day from 10 AM until late. More info about the schedule and how to get there by train or bus – here.

2 - Search and admire some Camden street art

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One of the main attractions of Camden is the edgy, hip street art. Camden North area is the best place to spot these gems while you’re out and about. You should recognize some of the street art – for instance, Amy Winehouse, who used to be a Camden local, is featured in quite a few of the installations. 

FUN FACT: Hawley Mews, a street in Camden neighbourhood, features some giant pieces of art that actually change – one of the many reasons to make a return trip to Camden someday!

TIP: Don’t want to discover all this street art by yourself? No problem! Take the time to take a street art tour and explore these incredible pieces! These guides will take you to the most popular attractions and help you take the best pictures possible. 

3 - Walk down Regent’s Canal

regents canal in camden town
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Camden isn’t all about buzz and excitement though. If you’re looking for some relaxing and romantic things to do in Camden Town, I recommend heading over to Regent’s Canal and walking along the riverside – or to Regents Park for a relaxing stroll! Regent’s Canal has been around for over 200 years. It’s the perfect spot to be if you still want to be around the London atmosphere, but want to feel like you’re transported to a scene right out of a movie. 

The perk of having an afternoon or evening stroll on Regent’s Canal is that it’s absolutely free! If the weather allows, you can even pack a romantic picnic for two and sit down and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Alternatively, if you have a few extra pounds to spend, consider taking a boat tour. For the ultimate experience, you can even take a hot tub boat down the river. Quirky, but fun!

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4 - Walk along Camden High Street

camden high street
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If you want to witness some unique shop fronts, this is your place to be! Once you’re out of Camden tube station, you’ll quickly arrive at High Street, a place both wonderful and strange where you’ll find all kinds of shops selling souvenirs, vintage items, old music records and grunge clothes. Camden Town shops are a must, I’m telling you!

5 - Experience some Camden nightlife

clubbing in camden town
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Have you really visited Camden if you didn’t partake in its nightlife? Spoiler: the answer is no.

If Camden is cool during the day, expect it to be absolutely brilliant at night. There is no shortage of incredible live music, yummy bites to eat, and delicious drink menus for you to make your way through on Friday or Saturday night. 

If you’re there for the first time or you are travelling solo, I highly recommend joining a pub crawl tour in order to make friends and hit the coolest spots in the neighbourhood. But if you’re travelling as a couple or like to see where the wind takes you, here are my recommended spots to check out: 

  • Black Heart – This place hosts blasting live music and killer merch you’ll want to snatch up;
  • Proud – Located right in the heart of Camden Market, this place used to be just… some horse stalls. Now it’s the shining star of Camden’s nightlife, hosting incredible cabaret shows. 
  • The Camden Assembly – Great drinks, great vibe. What more can I say? 
  • Gabeto – The place to be for salsa, Latin dishes and Cuban vibes!
  • Jazz CafeThere is just something cosy about settling into a Jazz Cafe for the evening. This legendary Jazz Cafe has been a staple in Camden nightlife and deserves a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood. 

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6 - Enjoy Camden’s live music scene

live music in camden town london
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If you didn’t get your fill of live music while you were out enjoying the nightlife, there are enough venues for every taste in the neighbourhood of Camden Town in London! Since Camden is known for their rich music history, enjoying the live music scene while you’re there is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are looking for a cosy experience or a rowdy crowd, here are some awesome music venues you simply must explore while you’re in Camden: 

Music lover? Here’s an idea: you can take the Rock ‘n’ Roll History Bus Tour for an in-depth musical experience around the area!

Camden Town tours

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Of course, this Camden guide wouldn’t be complete without some tours, right? In case you’re unsure about your itinerary in Camden, a good idea would be to book some tours and fill your days with exciting things to do. Here are my hand-picked suggestions in this amazing area of London:

Where to stay in Camden

Holiday Inn London Camden Lock
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In case you’re hooked on this vivid, never-sleeping, never-boring neighbourhood, you might want to make it your base in London. If that’s so, here are the best hotels in Camden Town, London:

LUXURY. Holiday Inn London Camden Lock


MID-RANGE. Camden Enterprise Hotel

BUDGET. The Mornington Camden

ENTIRE APARTMENT. Mirabilis Apartments – Bayham Place

Where to eat in Camden Town

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Oh God, the street food in Camden Town is simply insane! As I mentioned before, if you go to Camden Market, you’ll find tons of food stalls selling international cuisines, so you can easily spend an entire day there just eating your way out. Sweets, fries, burritos, burgers, Chinese noodles and everything else you can think of. But there’s more to Camden Town food than this, my friends.

Except for this foodie-heaven-part-of-the-neighbourhood, here’s my shortlist of Camden Town restaurants worth giving a try:

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How to get there

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If you are taking the tube, jump on the Northern Line to Camden Town tube station, Chalk Farm, and Mornington Crescent. These will all get you into the bustling neighbourhood of Camden. Alternatively, you can walk along the canal for around 20 minutes from King’s Cross Station.

Now you know all of the best spots to visit while you’re in Camden!

Enjoying bits and bobs in the Camden Market, snapping pictures of unique street art, enjoying the romanticism of Regent’s Canal, and partying throughout the night are all brilliant experiences that are completely unique to Camden. I hope this guide to Camden was useful to you and I wish you the most amazing time in this part of London!

And here’s a promise: as soon as you’ll tear yourself away from this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood, you’ll be planning your next trip back! Or, even better, you can explore some other parts of London as well. For this, I have created this Complete Guide to London’s Neighbourhoods that I recommend you read before your trip!




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A complete guide to Camden London
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    Your Camden Town Guide - How to Explore This London Neighbourhood
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