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About Africa

Ah, the wonderful continent of Africa… One of the most interesting facts about Africa is that it’s the second-largest continent in the world, both in terms of size and population. So yes, with 54 countries and 9 dependent territories, you should expect plenty of exciting things to discover here. Just imagine – the colourful cities of Morocco, exotic Egypt, the striking landscapes of Zimbabwe, diverse South Africa and everything else in-between.

Africa has a long and interesting history and it is said that this is the place where humans originated approximately 7 million years ago. It’s a place of visual art, rich culture, unique architecture (just think about the pyramids!), traditional music and exciting adventures. If you decide to visit Africa, be prepared for wildlife, colonial cities, tuk-tuks, impressive artisan goods and unforgettable gastronomy. There are plenty of Africa tourist spots that should be on your bucket list and, if you ask me, every one of us should set foot on this special continent at least once in our lifetimes.

The Best Bits

Ah, that’s a complicated question with tons of different answers! My list of the best places to visit in Africa is long and wide, exactly like this continent. Some of the most beautiful places in Africa include the national parks in Uganda and Kenya where you can see gorillas and other animals in the wild, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Victoria Falls in Zambia (the biggest waterfalls in the world!), the pyramids in Egypt and the world-famous spice markets and blue buildings of Morocco.

Of course, my list of the best places to go in Africa doesn’t end here, but I’ll let you discover the rest by yourself. Just know that Africa is the place where you can dive with sharks, conquer a 5,895m high mountain and taste some hearty soups, piri piri chicken and lots of rice.

Fun Facts About Africa

This continent is definitely a fun place to discover, but below you’ll find some of THE most fun facts about Africa:
The Nile The Nile is not only the longest river in Africa but the world too. It’s 6,852 km long and it passes through 11 countries!
The Sahara Sahara, the world-famous desert located in North Africa is the largest desert in the world.
Wild Animals Next on our list of world records: Africa has some of the largest wild animals on our planet - the elephant (biggest), the giraffe (tallest), the cheetah (fastest). Everything is superlative here! Plus, 85% of the elephants in the world are located here and 99% of the lions.
A Lot Of Languages! There are no less than 2.000 different languages spoken in Africa.
Heritage Sites There are 135 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the entire continent.
A Pink Lake Lac Rose is a super pink lake in Senegal - I mean really, it’s bright pink!
A House Of Bones Tunisia has houses made of fish bones because of a strange local belief: it is said that fish have supernatural powers there. Talkin’ about weird facts about Africa!
Banana Beer You can drink a banana-brewed beer in East Africa.
Egyptian History Supposedly, Egyptians invented the 365-day calendar.

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