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Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea – The countries within Asia surely have something for everyone out there. From incredible landscapes to ancient temples and traditions, an unforgettable (and oftentimes super spicy!) cuisine and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Asia is definitely a worthy destination for any kind of traveller.

There are 48 countries in Asia and I truly believe that it would take me more than a lifetime to fully understand everything there is to see on this vast continent. Regardless if you are planning a relaxing holiday spent on the beach or an adventurous one exploring jungles, you won’t ever forget your Asia holidays!

The Best Bits

It’s especially hard to pinpoint the best destinations in Asia or its best bits. Is it the superb, pristine beaches? Or the incredible, world-class resorts? Or maybe the skyscrapers? What about lush jungles and unique cuisine? Nope, sorry, I simply cannot choose!

Asia is known for so many incredible things, that it would be a real shame not to visit at least once in your lifetime. I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of my time on this continent. I lived in Singapore for six years of my childhood, grew up exploring the islands of Indonesia and now split my time to live half the year in Bali. What can I say, I can’t seem to get bored of the golden beaches and crystal blue waters. Perhaps I am Asia obsessed. I’ve seen the sky-high buildings of Kuala Lumpur, I’ve sipped coconuts in Thailand and I’ve tasted Vietnam’s best noodle soups. And I can swear that there are still so many things left for me to explore!

Fun Facts About Asia

Did you know that Asia is the biggest and most populous continent on Earth? With that in mind, here are some awesome fun facts about Asia to get you inspired:
Japanese Temples There are more than 1.600 temples in Japan. Which means it would take you 4.3 years of your life to see all of them if you visit one per day!
Tokyo Millionaires Tokyo has more millionaires than San Francisco or Paris. Well, that’s a wealthy city!
South Korean Singles South Korea loves single people - they have a special Valentine’s Day just for them. Awww!
The World's Largest Flower The world’s largest flower grows in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand exclusively. Not sure if this is useful info or not, but I find it darn cute! Rafflesia arnoldii - google it!
Tokyo Population Tokyo is Asia’s largest city, with more people living there than in all of Canada!
Indian Languages There are more than 850 native languages spoken in India.
Strange Laws Singapore is one of the richest and most modern countries in the world, but it also has some of the craziest laws. Connecting to someone else's wifi, feeding pigeons, selling chewing gum, annoying others by singing in public - these are only a handful of the things that could land you with a hefty fine, or even jail time.

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I’m a travel enthusiast, content creator and sun seeker extraordinaire! I love a good matcha latte, am obsessed with hats and like to give human names to the stray animals that I befriend on my travels ( I’m talking about you, Lesley!) In 2018 I took the leap and switched my London lifestyle for continuous adventures abroad.

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