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Europe – romantic, unique and, most of all, extremely cool! I was born in Europe, London is my home, so this part of the world will always stay close to my heart. And, after all, how could it not? A Europe tour should be on top of everyone’s bucket lists, with all the fantastic destinations found here.

Just think about eating a fresh croissant and pain au chocolat in France or drinking a glass of sangria in Spain. Or what about some carbonara pasta served with a view of the Colosseum or visiting an old castle in the UK? Europe has it all, my friends. And then some more! It’s quite hard for me to say which are the best destinations in Europe, mostly because each country is so different and special. So whichever places you choose for your Europe itinerary, prepare for a trip you won’t forget!

The Best Bits

Attention to all travellers: I wasn’t kidding at all when I said that Europe has it all! Tranquil lakes, sandy beaches, medieval cities, world-class museums, comforting traditional dishes, romantic canals, notable national parks, cobblestone streets and TONS of landmarks to be ticked off your bucket list! In case your feet are itching, I’ll share with you some of the most popular places to add to your Europe trip: France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, Norway, Belgium… I should stop now as the list can go on and on.
Here’s another cool fact about Europe: it can be pretty cheap! If you’re a backpacker with a desire to see the world or if you just want to hop on a train with a European rail pass, you can rest assured that this continent will make the most of your pennies.

Fun Facts About Europe

Europe has no less than 44 countries – and it can be pretty hard to choose only one to explore. Before making a decision, here are some quirky fun facts about Europe to get you inspired:
The Vatican Spanish is the main spoken language in 6 out of 7 countries of Central America. Well, except for Belize, where Englisha Vatican City in Rome (Italy) is not just a popular tourist destination, but an independent country as well! The Pope lives here, but not by himself: there are 800 other citizens in this city-state. is the official language.
Russian Records Russia takes all the records - it’s the world’s biggest country and its capital, Moscow, is the biggest capital in the world!
Most Visited Attraction The most visited attraction in Europe is… *drumroll* Disneyland Paris. Crazy when you think of all the culture you’ll be missing out on. Sorry, Eiffel Tower!
The Louvre It would take you 35 continuous days to see everything in the Louvre Museum in Paris, with only 30 seconds spent per artwork.
The Smallest City Found in Croatia, Hum is the smallest city in Europe, with only 20 (lonely) people living there.
Toilet Laws? It is illegal to flush a toilet after 10 PM in Switzerland. Careful, people!
Lake Much? Finland has more than 188,000 lakes!

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I’m a travel enthusiast, content creator and sun seeker extraordinaire! I love a good matcha latte, am obsessed with hats and like to give human names to the stray animals that I befriend on my travels ( I’m talking about you, Lesley!) In 2018 I took the leap and switched my London lifestyle for continuous adventures abroad.

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