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Travel Guide For Thailand

Pad Thai, Tom Yum, fried rice, noodles, mango sticky rice… I’m in heaven! Yep, these are all Thai dishes coming from the wonderful country of Thailand in Southeast Asia. Except for its unforgettable gastronomy, Thailand offers TONS of opportunities to all types of travellers: ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, superb resorts, fun festivals and beautiful beaches.

Some of the best places to visit in Thailand include Bangkok (the vibrant capital), Phuket (an island with some of the best beaches around), Koh Phangan (probably the epicentre of nightlife) and Chiang Mai (a culture-rich city).

If you’re ready to discover all these places in Thailand, I’m urging you to read about all my adventures in this amazing country here, so you’ll be fully prepared for your Thailand vacation.

Things To Know Before You Go – Thailand


The official currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). 1 USD is the equivalent of 30.3 THB.


People speak Thai in Thailand, also known as ‘Siamese’. But don’t worry, most locals can speak and understand conversational English as well, at least in the big cities.


Weirdly enough, Thailand has no official religion, but Buddhism is the most common one among locals - around 95% of the population.

Best Time To Travel

The best time to go to Thailand is from November to April - for the most comfortable temperatures. But, in all honesty, the country offers a pleasant visit all year round.


Good news! There is no visa required for Thailand if you’re staying for less than 30 days.


No vaccine is officially required to enter Thailand, but these two are recommended for your own safety: Hepatitis A and Typhoid.

SIM Cards

Make sure you buy a prepaid SIM card once you arrive at the airport in Thailand and you’re good to go! My recommendation for travellers is AIS.




I’m a travel enthusiast, content creator and sun seeker extraordinaire! I love a good matcha latte, am obsessed with hats and like to give human names to the stray animals that I befriend on my travels ( I’m talking about you, Lesley!) In 2018 I took the leap and switched my London lifestyle for continuous adventures abroad.

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