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3 Fun-Themed Bangkok Cafes Thailand
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In the fast-moving city of Bangkok, where the passion for coffee seems to be on the constant rise, niche-themed cafes have become a bit of a thing. And I’m all for it! These Bangkok cafes join communities together that share an interest in something – cats, forests, mermaids, unicorns, you name it. No matter how random it might be, there seems to be a niche café for everyone! 

These types of cafes seem to be something of another world in Bangkok – completely inheriting the topic into everything they do. So, needless to say, it had to be done! 

I visited 3 quirky, Insta-worthy themed cafes in Bangkok Thailand and I’ll tell you everything I experienced there in the article below. In detail!

Pssst! Scroll down to the end of the article if you’re looking for a bonus list of themed cafes in Bangkok that I didn’t get to visit during my trip – but I so wish I did! Maybe you can add them to your itinerary instead?

Let’s go!

3 Instagrammable themed Bangkok cafes

1 - Unicorn Café

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok Thailand
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Bangkok’s Unicorn Café is, without a doubt, the most Instagrammable café in the city. Get ready because, once you step inside, you’ll enter a world of sparkles and rainbows where everything glitters and shines, even the food! 

Pastel pinks and purples are everywhere; stuffed unicorns line sparkly sofas, pony dolls dangle from the ceiling, multicoloured cakes glitter at you from behind the glass counter. With one look, it becomes very clear that you won’t be leaving here without a long-lasting sugar high. The walls are decorated with acid pink and purple pony themed graffiti. Any 6-year-old would be driven wild with glee but, oddly, the clientele seems to be mainly adults. 

Most people came for the same reason –  to get photos posing with cute cakes and novelty decorations, snapping selfies dressed in cute unicorn onesies (which you can rent for 100 Baht / 3 US$)… and I did exactly the same!

The Unicorn Café is located in the Silom district and is actually split across two venues; zone A and zone B. They are literally 2 minutes apart, so you can easily walk between the two and check out both before deciding on a seat. Zone A is the original venue but it feels a bit older and duller than its younger, more vibrant sister, Zone B (which opened in 2017). 

TIP: You can’t reserve tables, so if you’re visiting on the weekend during lunchtime, prepare yourself for a wait. I’d personally recommend going later in the afternoon for coffee and cake instead. You’ll have more space and a more relaxed experience.

NOTE: Make sure you bring cash as The Unicorn Café doesn’t accept card payments.

Thailand Bangkok Unicorn Cafe
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  • Hot chocolate (70THB / 2.14 US$) – Covered in a whirl of whipped cream and decorated with sprinkles, marshmallows and a little waffle cone for the horn. It was so picture-perfect and cute, I didn’t want to ruin it by taking a sip!

I only came by for a drink, but the Unicorn Café has an extensive menu of magical meals. Everything seems to be available in rainbow; rainbow spaghetti, rainbow crepes, rainbow milkshakes and horned unicorn burgers (you know, just to mix things up from all the rainbow). 

Personally, I feel I’m a bit old-fashioned and like my food to be normal coloured. Luckily, they also have options on the menu that cater for my (obviously bland by their standards) palate.



  • Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM. 
  • Closed on Mondays

ADDRESS: 44/1 Soi Sathon 8, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500. Find it on Google Maps here.
FACEBOOK: Unicorn Cafe
FOR THE GRAM: @unicornbrand

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Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok Thailand
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Cat lovers, unite! Caturday Cat Café caters to all the cat lovers out there. Obviously, we had to visit. My boyfriend Guga is somewhat cat-obsessed (it’s not uncommon to find him procrastinating over cat videos on Reddit for hours).

First, they ask you to take off your shoes and wash your hands on arrival, before promising to abide by a set of rules created to protect our feline friends and stop them from being stressed out by overly eager visitors. The main rules are simple; don’t irritate, feed or pick up any cats.

Floor level tables have pillows scattered around them for seating (to get closer to the cats). They also have a few normal tables to choose from. Against the wall you’ll find a wooden frame filled with sleeping cats, all huddled into comfy, little cat beds. Cats seem to be everywhere; munchkin cats, Scottish folds, ragamuffins, exotic shorthairs – the space is full of cats of all shapes, colours and breeds. Luckily, they all seem to be very happy sharing their cafe home together!

However, almost all of them have zero interest in human interaction (they are cats, did you really expect much else?). If you’re imagining a magical experience where cats come meowing up to you for cuddles and deep, meaningful connections are formed, wipe that image from your mind. Just because you stick them in a cafe doesn’t stop them from being cats! 

Some cats did become curious and sniffed us out a bit. Some even came to have a sleep by/on our table and allowed us to give them a little pet (in true cat fashion). The important thing is that the cats seem very happy. The staff are attentive, keep the space incredibly clean (no mess or cat hairs) and obviously know their kitties well.

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  • Melissa – Matcha Milk Tea Frappe (138 THB / 4.20 US$)
  • Guga –  Chocolate Frappe (138 THB / 4.20 US$)
  • To share: Thai French Beef Lasagne (148 THB / 4.50 US$)

We wanted to check out the food as well, but we weren’t particularly hungry, so we shared the lasagne. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. It was pretty good. Much better than I had expected! The menu has a lot of warm meals to choose from, along with sweet treats. For drinks, there were coffee options, smoothies, and frappes. The menu felt slightly overpriced, however, we had expected this as there was no entry cost and the cats need taking care of.



  • Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11.00am – 8.00pm
  • Closed on Mondays

ADDRESS: 10400, 89/70 Phayathai Rd, Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400. Find it on Google Maps here.
FACEBOOK: Caturday Cat Cafe
FOR THE GRAM: @caturdaycatcafe

3 - Cintage School

Cintage School Bangkok Thailand
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Cintage School is more than just a cafe. It’s actually a three-floor building with the café only taking up the top floor. The ground floor hosts a retro clothing shop that sells a mix of cute and colourful vintage pieces for bargain prices. On the second floor, you’ll find a nail salon known for its quirky nail art and fun designs. 

The third and final floor is the cafe. Although the clothing shop has been popular for a while, Cintage School only gained its internet fame recently after adding an Insta-perfect set up to their location; a retro ball pit designed to look like a pastel coloured swimming pool!

On the second floor, you’ll also find some other cute photo setups. Following the “back to school” theme, there’s a section with little pink school desks set under a neon Cintage School crest and another section with a row of pink lockers covered in bright, colourful stickers. 

Cintage School is defined by its baby pink branding, so if you’re looking for a girly, school-themed photo location – tie up your pigtails and grab your tartan skirt because this is the place for you!

Cintage School Bangkok Thailand
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  • Melissa – Pink Tea
  • Guga –  Oreo Frappe
  • To share: White Chocolate Snoopy cake (85 THB / 2.60 US$)

Everything on the menu catered for a sweet tooth with sugary food and drinks. The menu at Cintage is limited. Everything was way too sweet for me personally but Guga enjoyed it as he was in the mood for dessert.


OPENING HOURS: Daily: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

ADDRESS: Siam Square Soi 6, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand. Find it on Google Maps here.

FACEBOOK: Cintageshop

FOR THE GRAM: @cintageshop

BONUS - 7 More themed cafes in Bangkok we didn’t get to visit

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These three places were the ones we got to visit (and we also liked a lot!) but, of course, Bangkok is filled with TONS of other themed cafes worth seeing. Here’s a round-up of some interesting ones with different themes and moods:


If you’re a fan of botanical-themed English tearooms, this one’s for you. And trust me, they really take plants and flowers seriously – it’s like a green oasis there! And, as far as I’ve heard, their soft mousse cakes are a must-try if you’re looking for some flavourful desserts with local ingredients.

Address: 88/1, Thonglor Soi 8, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand



The first exotic pet cafe in Bangkok! Little Zoo Cafe is exactly what you’re imagining it to be – a cafe filled with animals where you can also have a meal or drink some coffee. The interior is filled with lots of animals – cats and dogs in the dining room that looks like a restaurant and other wild animals in the “animal interaction area” such as foxes, for example. Sounds cool to me and it’s definitely one of Bangkok’s coolest cafes – make sure you don’t miss it!

Address: 424/7-8 Siam Square Alley11, Rama I, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand



While not technically a cafe, this restaurant is still a nice addition to your itinerary. This is actually a “Yakiniku restaurant” which means that you’ll be eating from a small barbecue that is placed right in the middle of the table. But, above all, this place is awesome because you won’t be served by a person… but by a samurai robot! All in all, I really think this robot-themed place is pretty much unique and it’s definitely on my list. If you’re lucky, you can also snap some Instagram videos with the robots doing a Lady Gaga dance, haha!



Delicious coffee (including yam coffee!) and desserts, even more delicious cocktails in the evening and an incredible set-up where you can see fairytales coming to life. Sounds pretty good, right? Plus lots of photo opportunities!

Address: Thong Lo 4, Khlong Tan Nuea



In case you’re imagining this is a bear paradise… well, you’re not far from the truth at all! This Instagram-worthy bear-inspired place serves really good food, drinks and some pretty nice dessert options as well. Oh, and their bear mascot is pretty fun too! I think this is one of the best cafes to visit in Bangkok with your little ones!

Address: 5, Ratchapruk Rd, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170 Thailand



In case you’re a fan of plants, organic things and simply a nice decor overall, Patom is a great choice for you! This cafe is, in fact, a huge greenhouse located inside a garden – can it get any better than this? 

Address: 9/2, Soi Sukhumvit 49/6, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand


TIP: Alternatively, you can also visit the Wood Cafe, which is smaller but equally nice (Address: 44, Soi Lat Phrao Wang Hin 48, Lat Phrao Wang Hin Road)


If you’re a fan of the Finnish cartoons called Moomin (or if your kids are!), this place will seem incredible to you. The entire cafe is made to look like a Moomin house and you can serve some delicious dishes there or play with Moomin dolls. Fun, right?

Address: 240 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand


NOTE: Maybe you’ll read in some other articles on the web about Sanrio Hello Kitty House, which sounds absolutely marvellous. Unfortunately, that cafe is now permanently closed – which is such a shame because what can be better than a Hello Kitty paradise? Let’s hope they reopen something similar soon!

This was my complete guide to the cutest cafes in Bangkok that also have some cool themes – unicorns, cats, cartoon characters, flowers, gardens and everything else you can think of! I’ve also told you all about my experience visiting 3 of the best ones out there, together with some useful info.

So if you’ve always dreamed of having brunch in a fantasy-themed cafe like no other in the world, these options in Bangkok Thailand will surely blow your mind. Good local dishes, coffee and rainbow-coloured desserts served in amazing interior decor and tons of Instagram photo corners – you can expect all these and more during your visit!


In case you need more information that will help you plan your upcoming trip to Bangkok, I recommend clicking here to find all my articles about this cool destination. And here you’ll find all my posts about Thailand!




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Best themed cafes in Bangkok Thailand
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3 Unmissable themed cafes in Bangkok Thailand
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    3 Fun-Themed Bangkok Cafes Thailand
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