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My Hoi An Tailor Experience - Top Tips and recommendations
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Visiting one of the famous Hoi An tailor shops is one of the best things to do in the city during your trip, I swear! No, really, the tailors and tailor shops here are so good and talented, people from all over the world travel here to get a custom-made suit or dress. The tailoring tradition in Hoi An is rich in culture and is an important part of society today.

If you’re excited to try out a custom tailoring experience in Hoi An (which I definitely recommend!), this guide contains everything you need to know. I have put together all the information I have about the best Hoi An tailors (fittings, process, price, etc), as well as my most precious pieces of advice. 

So regardless if you decide to make some expensive clothes with high-end materials or some more casual, still quality pieces, this Hoi An tailor guide will surely help you along the way.

Let’s proceed!

About the tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam

About the tailors in Hoi An Vietnam
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Hoi An in Vietnam is said to be the “tailoring capital” of the world. Custom tailoring is a huge part of the culture in Hoi An and also one of the main attractions for tourists during their trip, especially when it comes to shopping lovers.

But why is tailoring so famous here? The tailors of Hoi An are immensely talented and versatile, they work with a wide range of fabrics (quality ones, too) and they can make clothing for any need you may have. There are tailor shops in Hoi An for any item or style you can think of: elegant dresses, suits, ball gowns, winter coats, casual pants, shirts and even pyjamas!

So, how did everything start? Tailoring in Hoi An is closely connected to its history, largely because Hoi An was a trading port city on the famous Silk Route. It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that tourists began travelling to Hoi An specifically for tailoring.

Nowadays, the amount of tailor shops in the city is literally two times bigger than all other businesses combined. They, of course, range from large tailoring corporations to small, local tailors and from high-end pieces to casual clothing. All of them are an important part of the tailoring experience and history of Hoi An!

How to get tailor-made clothes in Hoi An - step-by-step process & tips

Enough with the history, now let’s talk about more serious stuff such as the entire process of choosing and going to a tailor, how to choose the material, and some useful tips to keep in mind along the way:

Step 1 - Find the best tailor in Hoi An

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Naturally, the first step in getting a tailored outfit made is finding the right tailor shop for you. Hoi An has more than 500 tailor shops… So making the best decision is kind of a challenge. Don’t worry, as I have my own selection of tailors in Hoi An for you!

  • Mrs. An (stall no. 90) – A great market tailor providing cheaper deals depending on how much you order. Find the address on Google Maps here.
  • Maya Design – A great mid-price tailor shop with many fabrics and design choices. Find the address on Google Maps here.
  • Yaly Couture – Yaly Couture is quite famous among customers and it’s also the best tailor we worked with – but with a higher price to match. Find the address on Google Maps here.

Some other popular choices (that I didn’t get to try out myself, unfortunately) are BeBe Tailor (they have 3 shops in the city now but the most famous Bebe Tailor is probably the one on Hung Dao street), A Dong Silk (they have a customer-friendly, time-efficient 10-minute measuring process ) and Mr Xe.

Step 2 - Discuss what you’d like made

step by step process at hoi an tailors
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Once you have your mind and heart set on a tailor shop, it’s time to have a conversation about what exactly you’d like made. Tailors have tons of lookbooks that you can browse, with a huge selection of clothing – anything from dresses, skirts, suits etc. Alternatively, you can also provide them with a photo of the clothes you’d like created. So make sure you spend some time researching and finding inspiration before your visit!

This is also when the tailor will take your exact measurements.

TIP: Always be super specific about what you want, down to the smallest details. They may be talented designers, but they will need your guidance because they can’t just guess the exact details of the clothing you dream of!

Step 3 - Choose the fabric

getting tailor-made clothes in hoi an vietnam
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Once the design issue is settled, it’s time to choose the fabric. Many tailors have entire aisles of material with different prices depending on their quality. Of course, some tailors may suggest some materials that will fit your design needs. Just remember that not all fabrics can be tailored the same and not all pieces of cloth work well or move in the same way. I suggest taking their advice into consideration when it comes to this, even if this means changing your mind and adapting a bit!

TIP: You’re getting something tailor-made specifically for YOU. So make sure you choose a quality fabric that screams “I’m perfect for an outfit that is unique to you!”. I know, the pressure is huge, but remember that this will be a one-of-a-kind piece. Don’t waste this awesome opportunity on choosing a dress that you could’ve bought on the highstreet or from the local market.

Step 4 - Pay the deposit

All Hoi An tailors require customers to pay a deposit before they start creating the custom piece.

Step 5 - Fittings and final product at your Hoi An tailor

fittings at hoi an custom tailors
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Usually, the tailors will arrange your first fitting for the next day. This means you have to come back to the store and try on your outfit. This is basically the moment when the tailor will see how the garment sits on your body when you wear it, pinning it in the places that need retouching or amendments. 

My most precious piece of advice here is to be really honest about the changes that you want made and to be super clear with your explanations. You can even arrange for a second or third fitting (in fact, I recommend 3 fitting sessions to most customers) to make sure that your final piece of clothing is perfect for you and your style.

NOTE: A basic dress will be ready much sooner, but if you buy a suit or a gown, expect to go to a few fitting sessions before taking it home with you to wear. So make sure you have enough time in Hoi An for this entire process!

TIP: You can arrange for items to be delivered directly to your accommodation once they’re finished, but I always recommend heading to the store yourself to ensure that you are happy with the final version. After all, this is such a special, personalised shopping experience, it would be a shame not to enjoy it to the fullest!

Prices & recommended budget

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Let me start with a disclaimer here: prices change massively depending on your chosen tailor in Hoi An, what item you want to be made and how well you negotiate. Yes, the final price always depends on negotiation. Almost every tailor will negotiate on price depending on the number of items you order, so don’t be ashamed to do so.

Here’s the average price range for different types of clothes:

  • gown: 25-150 USD
  • summer dress or romper: 15-70 USD
  • shirt or blouse: 10-30 USD
  • pants: 15-35 USD
  • shorts: 15-30 USD
  • swimwear: 10-20 USD
  • three-piece suit: 100-400 USD
  • button-up shirt: 15-30 USD
  • shorts: 15-30 USD
  • pants: 20-35 USD

My best tips & tricks

tips and tricks for tailor made clothes in hoi an
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Because I experienced getting tailored clothes made in Hoi An myself in 3 different places, I was able to learn and gather some very useful information that I can now pass on to my readers. So read and learn, my friends!


If you’re not pressed for time, shop around at different stores to get a feeling of what you like best. They’re all capable of creating the same outfit, there’s just a difference in cost, quality of the fabric and stitching and maybe the customer service too.


You shouldn’t stress too much if you only want a casual skirt or shirt done, as this usually takes around 2 days. But if you want to make sure the entire process is doable during your trip, here are some average times to take into consideration:

  • Day 1: first consultation
  • Day 2: first fitting
  • Day 3: second fitting
  • Fittings usually take 30 minutes

As you might expect, the most expensive tailors are located in the Old Town / Ancient Town of Hoi An. Avoid that area if you want to save some money from your budget and try to find ‘obscure’ shops on the edge of town that don’t get as much attention. Except for the lower price tag, there’s another huge advantage here: these tailors will have more time to focus on your outfit and will most likely complete it faster!


Here’s an unwritten rule that you should know: the first offer a tailor makes is always MUCH higher than what they expect you to pay. They do it on purpose, of course: they jack up the prices for tourists, a very popular ‘activity’ in many other popular tourist spots around the globe. So make sure you negotiate well to get the most affordable deal and only leave the shop when both parties feel happy with the final tailored piece.


This means you should know exactly what you want before talking to the tailor. This will eliminate a lot of on-the-spot hassle and your research will help you answer every question your tailor might ask. Plus, this also helps reduce the feelings of disappointment related to the final product. After all, making custom clothing is not an easy job!


I know... this advice kind of counters the one above, but remember: these guys are tailors, not wizards. Don’t expect them to be able to conjure up an exact replica of that 2015 Dior Gown you ripped out of a Vogue magazine. Be open to changes and keep in mind that this dress will be unique to you.


If you are with friends, or if you want more than one item, buy them all from the same tailor. They’ll offer discounts for large orders– especially the smaller, more casual and basic stores.


Clothes will never be perfect from the first try. Only stop getting your outfit altered when you are happy with it, even if it means wasting a couple of hours from your precious vacation time. If you’re pressed for time, keep getting fittings until you leave town. If anything, the tailor can mail your outfit to you. This is better than getting something that doesn’t fit right and then feeling sad.

That’s about everything I wanted to share with you about how to get tailored clothes in Hoi An, Vietnam, a very popular and fun activity while you’re in the city. I have told you all the details I know and talked about cost, process, measurements, quality of the fabrics and craftsmanship and lots of useful things to know before stepping foot inside a tailor shop to get a dress, shirt or suit done.

If you ask me, going home with a unique piece of clothing created especially for you and to your measurements, with your hand-picked fabric is one of the most beautiful souvenirs you can bring back home from Vietnam!

Except for getting custom-made dresses and shirts, there are SO many other unforgettable things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam! If you want to read more or need help planning your upcoming trip, I recommend heading here to find all my articles about Hoi An. And here you will find all my posts about other destinations in Vietnam.




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A guide to the Hoi An tailors in Vietnam
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A complete guide to tailors in Hoi An Vietnam
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    My Hoi An Tailor Experience - Top Tips and recommendations
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