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Melissa sits in the glass Sky Box KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) is one of the most famous attractions in Malaysia! There’s an observation deck, a sky deck, a revolving restaurant and more, all offering incredible views of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

But which one of these is worth buying a ticket for? Is the Sky Box KL Tower really worth its hype?

I’ll tell you everything you need to know in the article below!

Quick facts about the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower

Birdseye view of the Menara Tower in KL.
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The iconic KL Tower is located on a hill in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, atop Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. It is the tallest freestanding tower in the city (followed by the Petronas Twin Towers with a difference of 100m) and the seventh-tallest in the world. Standing at 1,381 feet or 421 meters, this communication tower dominates the city’s skyline and offers the best view of Kuala Lumpur.

It’s true, Menara may not be as famous as the neighbouring Petronas Twin Towers, but visitors are pulled in by its many attractions, mainly the Sky Deck which provides THE best 360-degree bird’s eye view. The reviews are saying it and I’m here to confirm, but there are a few things you need to know about this experience, all of which will help you decide if you want to add the Sky Box KL Tower to your itinerary in Kuala Lumpur!

What is the Sky Box?

Melissa sits in the glass Sky Box KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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You have 3 different spots (4 with the restaurant) to visit at the KL Tower, each with its own price:

  • the Observation Deck (indoor) – 276 meters, you can admire the view through binoculars and there’s also an audio guide and headsets. There’s also a souvenir shop here;
  • the SkyDeck (outdoor) – 300 meters, you can see as far as the Genting Highlands if you visit on a clear day;
  • the SkyBox (the glass box I was telling you about above) – this one extends out from the Sky Deck;
  • Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant – one floor above the Observation Deck. Elegant, with floor-to-ceiling windows, but pricey. You can see the Petronas Twin Towers from up here! You can sometimes find discounted deals for meals on Klook here.

There’s a fast elevator taking you from the ground level to the top of the tower and all these different platforms. The most popular attraction is, without a doubt, the SkyBox at the Sky Deck. A glass observatory protruding from the Sky Deck ledge at 300 metres above the ground (yes, glass floor included!). There is something super cool about seeing the world drop below your feet, but this glass box sure isn’t for those with a fear of heights!

With fully transparent glass walls and floor, this vertigo-inducing view of Kuala Lumpur makes you feel like you’re literally on top of the city. Inspired by the Eureka Skydeck 88 in Melbourne, the Sky Box at Menara Kuala Lumpur has become one of KL’s most Instagrammable spots.

You’ll get access to the Sky Box if you buy the separate ticket (it’s not included in your admission to the Observation Deck). However, the experience is all a bit rushed when it comes to the amount of time you get in the box. I’ll tell you all about my experience below.

Is it worth it?

Melissa sitting upside down in the Sky Box at KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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Melissa sitting inside the Sky Box in the Menara Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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There are 2 Sky Boxes on the Sky Deck – A and B; and they both provide a different view of the city. When you get to the Sky Deck, your group is given a ticket with a number (kind of like waiting in line at a deli). You wait your turn on the Skydeck until your number is called.

We waited 35 minutes until our number was called. Even though we enjoyed the Sky Deck view of the city, it ended up feeling like too long a wait, as there is nothing really to do on this level apart from admire the view. Also, limited seating on the Sky Deck had us feeling a bit tired and impatient. Once our number was finally called, it switched to a bit of a mad rush! We headed to Sky Box A and the guard at the box asked us to take off our shoes to head onto the glass. Before our shoes were fully off, the guard had punched a button to start a count-down timer. Our allowed time was literally running out.

We were told we would get 5min in the box, but once we were in there, we were told it was only 60 seconds per group! We frantically hurried out onto the glass and everything became a bit of a blur as we rushed the experience. There was hardly time to get comfortable walking on the glass, enjoy the view, get a cool snap and figure out what we were even looking at. Before we knew it, we were being hastily ushered out of the box and it was all over.


All honesty, the whole experience left me feeling a bit deflated. It had taken up our entire morning and, for me personally, I regretted wasting the money and – especially – time. From the moment we arrived at Menara Kuala Lumpur to the moment we got back down to ground level, it had been 3 hours!

It is a cool concept – but no – I don’t think it is at all worth it and I wouldn’t do it again. If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur, I can think of much better ways to spend half a day of your precious vacation time.

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KL Tower tickets

Cityscape of Kuala Lumpur taken from the KL Tower
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There is a different KL Tower ticket price and different combos to take into consideration depending on what you want to visit in the surrounding area. Here are all the available options below:

Observation Deck

  • Adult: RM49 / 11.90 US$
  • Child: RM29 / 7 US$

Sky Deck (includes Observation Deck + Sky Box)

  • Adult: RM99 / 24 US$
  • Child: RM52 / 12.50 US$

Observation Deck + Blue Coral Aquarium

  • Adult: RM52 / 12.50 US$
  • Child: RM31 / 7.50 US$

Observation Deck + Mini Zoo

  • Adult: RM66 / 16 US$
  • Child: RM47 / 11.30 US$

Observation Deck + Upside Down House

  • Adult: RM55 / 13.30 US$
  • Child: RM36 / 8.70 US$

Observation Deck + XD Theatre

  • Adult: RM55 / 13.30 US$
  • Child: RM36 / 8.70 US$

There are also some combo tickets available for the Sky Deck instead of the Observation Deck. You can buy single or combo tickets on the official KL Tower Menara website right here.

TOP TIP: I found way cheaper single tickets on Klook right here – 9.65 US$ for the Observation Deck and 21.25 US$ for the combo ticket. 100% recommended!

Best tours of Menara KL Tower

Alternatively, I recommend joining a group tour with a knowledgeable guide if you want to find out more! Or you can have a combo experience that includes some other important attractions for your trip.

The KL Tower as seen from the Eco Forest Park in Kuala Lumpur.
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The Menara Tower surrounded by fluffy clouds.
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Here are the best tours I can recommend:

Best time to visit KL Tower

Melissa sitting in the Sky Box at the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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Melissa looks out over the city of Kuala Lumpur from the Sky Deck at the Menara Tower.
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KL TOWER OPENING HOURS: open every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, except on holidays and special events.

Since the observation decks can get crowded, especially in the afternoon, it’s best to visit in the morning hours when there are fewer visitors and you can take your time taking photos of the city. Another great idea is to visit in the evening at sunset for some striking colours in the sky.

We went during the day, but I imagine it’s probably also pretty awesome to visit the KL Tower at night, for a different kind of city view. You could always book a table for dinner at Atmosphere 360 (the revolving restaurant) but you’ll be paying the price for that view. For example, at the time of writing this article, afternoon tea is 75 MYR/person (18 US$) and a lunch set meal is 95 MYR (23 US$).

HOW LONG SHOULD I SPEND THERE: I recommend you spend at least 1 hour to fully explore the KL Tower and Sky Box, to get to the top of the tower and take all the pictures you need. However, be prepared for the experience to take much longer due to the long queues to get back down the tower again.

TOP TIP: Make sure you check the weather beforehand, as the Sky Deck can be closed on certain days depending on this. A clear, sunny day is what you should be aiming for.

How to get to the Menara KL Tower

Where is the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower?

KL Tower address: No. 2 Jalan Punchak Off, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. 
Co-ordinates3.152601, 101.703505

Check out the exact location of the KL tower in the map below:

Map of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with KLCC and KL Tower signalled
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TAXI: Since the Kuala Lumpur Tower is located near the KL city centre, it’s pretty easy to book a taxi or jump in a Grab if you are staying in a central location. It takes around 5 minutes to get from the Petronas Towers to the KL Tower Menara and should cost no more than RM10 (2.50 US$).

KL MONORAIL: Take the KL monorail to Bukit Nanas station, then walk to Jalan Puncak. There is a free shuttle that will take you to KL Tower from there. The free shuttle runs every 15 minutes, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

TRAIN: Personally, I wouldn’t recommend taking the train as the stations are not situated anywhere near the KL tower. You will still need to grab a taxi from the nearest station or walk for 30 minutes, which isn’t comfortable in the hot and humid weather in Kuala Lumpur. If you do want to take the train, the closest stations are Dang Wangi LRT Station and Masjid Jamek LRT Station.

My best tips for visiting KL Tower

Views across the city of KL from the Menara Tower.
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So, if you do decide to go – these 4 helpful tips and insights are super important for you! Commit them to memory!

    1. Try and get your deli ticket for Sky Box A as Sky Box B does not have views of the Petronas Towers.
    2. If you are visiting as a group, ask to get 1 ticket each when claiming your Sky Box tickets. This will collectively get you all a bit more time out on the glass and give you time to take individual photos.
    3. Check the weather before heading to the KL Tower as the Sky Deck closes to visitors with poor weather conditions. It’s a safety thing. Basically, lightning equals no Sky Deck access.
    4. This one is the most important tip I can give you! – The longest part of the entire experience is getting up and down the tower. Specifically getting down the tower! Usually, you get sent up to the Sky Deck first, then visit the Sky Box and end on the Observation Deck. Once on the Observation Deck, there are HUGE queues to get on the elevator back down. We were shocked at the line which wrapped itself all the way around the floor. Here’s what we did to skip the queue and save some time. We kept our tickets to the Sky Deck and went to find the stairs. We showed the man on the door our tickets that proved we had paid to visit the Sky Deck. Then I asked if we could head back up for another look. We were granted access to walk up 2 flights of stairs to the Sky Deck. From here, there was no queue. We jumped straight on the elevator all the way down. Cheeky I know, but time is money people! 😉

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Other attractions near Menara KL Tower

Now I know we’ve been talking all about the KL Tower here, also known as the 7th tallest tower in the world, but it’s not the only notable attraction in the area! There are a couple of other cool spots around and within the base of the structure if you feel like going to the top of the tower is not worth it or you simply have a couple more hours to kill in the area.

Landscape of Kuala Lumpur with the KL Tower in the foreground during sunset
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These are mainly family-friendly activities such as a Mini Zoo and the Blue Coral Aquarium (don’t forget to get the combo admission if you want to visit them!). Here are a couple of the more interesting ones:

  • Jelutong Tree – This 95-year old, giant of a tree is one of the highlights of the KL Tower. Mainly because of how the builders spent RM430,000 (103.777 US$) just to make sure that the tree was kept safe while building the KL tower, so it can still be enjoyed by future generations. Nawwww, if that isn’t a feel-good fact, then what is!
  • Upside Down House – Just beside the KL Tower is the unmistakable Upside Down House, where not only the house itself is upside down but also all of its furniture. There’s even a Morris 1974 hanging at the entrance. This spot is more popular with kids, but it also works for a cool photo opportunity!
  • KL Forest Eco Park – A forest in the heart of the city. Take the canopy trail across a set of jungle bridges with skyscrapers soaring above the trees. Beware the pesky monkeys though – during our visit, Guga and I had to run for it as they made a grab for the camera!
  • Atmosphere 360 – Back up at the top of the KL Tower there is a revolving restaurant. If you fancy some fine dining at the KL Tower with a view, this is a good option. Obviously, prices are sky-high to match the location.

BONUS: KL Tower fun facts

Now allow me to get you all hyped up and excited about your upcoming visit to the tower with some fun facts you probably didn’t know!

Melissa sits in the glass sky box in the KL tower, smiling.
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Melissa and Guga pose for a photo on the Sky Deck at the Menara KL Tower.
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  • KL Tower height: The official height of the KL Tower is 421 meters;
  • The KL Tower is located in Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, one of the oldest in all of Malaysia. You can take a walk around there for a dose of nature in the middle of the city and see how the construction of the tower didn’t “spoil” the natural surroundings;
  • The design of the KL Tower represents humanity’s search for perfection in life. You can see a mix of Arabic and Islamic elements and details in its construction such as patterns and ceramic tiles;
  • The tower actually has two restaurants! There’s also a McDonalds inside the KL Tower, making it the highest McDonalds in the world. Now that’s a FUN fact!
  • You can see the smallest horse species in the world at the Mini Zoo on the ground floor of KL Tower;
  • You can have a heightened shopping experience at the KL Tower (get it? heightened?), as there’s a souvenir shop up top on the observation deck.

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This was my complete guide to the KL Tower, the 7th tallest tower in the world! In this post, I have told you everything you need to know before visiting this famous attraction – if it is worth it to buy a separate ticket to the top of the tower at the Sky Box (the famous glass floor viewing platform), entrance fees, precious tips to know, which tower tours to take, how to get there and everything else in-between.

If you need more helpful information for planning your trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, I recommend clicking here to find all my articles about this city. And here you’ll find all my articles and stories about Malaysia.




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Sky Box KL Tower Guide - Is It Really Worth It
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Complete Guide to KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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    Melissa sits in the glass Sky Box KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur
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