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Where to Stay in Marrakech Morocco - Best Areas Hotels and Riads
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Are you wondering where to stay in Marrakech? That’s a legit question with multiple answers, all depending on your preferences, budget and itinerary. There are multiple Marrakech neighborhoods and each of them has its own advantages and vibes, as well as disadvantages. Luckily for you, this article will tell you everything you need to know in order to decide on the perfect area and hotel or riad for you! 

Marrakech is a vibrant city and a wonderful vacation destination catering to all types of travellers. It’s a place of culture, history, exotic gastronomy and stunning buildings everywhere you look. 


Let’s go!

Accommodation options in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is the third-largest city in Morocco and it’s divided into two main parts: the old city where the historic centre is located (Medina) and the more developed, modern district with European influences. If you want to make the best out of your time in Marrakech, you HAVE to visit both sides!

Regardless of the part you’ll pick, you’ll have a plethora of accommodation options to choose from – luxurious hotels, resorts, traditional riads, hostels, villas and even self-catered apartments. Your choice, of course, depends on your travel style and budget. But to truly experience Marrakech, I recommend booking a room in a riad.

What is a riad?

what is a riad
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I’m pretty sure you’ve seen THE pictures before. Beautiful Moroccan houses with an interior garden full of colourful ceramic tiles, lush plants and usually a tiny pool in the middle as well. Yep, that’s a Marrakech riad, my friends. 

To be more precise, a riad is a type of traditional Morrocan accommodation (usually guesthouses and hotels) that has private rooms and a superb common area where you can relax and unwind. They’re usually hosted in restored traditional Moroccan mansions, so they can be pretty impressive. 

Most riads in Marrakech are located in Medina, which is the historical centre of the city. This brings me to a couple of… let’s say downsides that it’s better to keep in mind before you go. In case you decide to stay in a traditional riad (read: not that luxurious), you might encounter some plumbing issues, you might see a cockroach in the bathroom and you will most definitely be woken up in the morning by the prayer call. The call to prayer happens 5 times a day and the first one is at 6 AM in the morning. This is something to keep in mind regardless of your chosen accommodation type! 

This being said, I really believe a riad is the most awesome type of accommodation in Marrakech. Sure, you can find luxurious hotels and resorts everywhere around the world, but Morocco is world-renowned for its beautiful riads. So why not take on the opportunity?

TIP: Riads are extremely popular and they usually have fewer rooms than “normal” hotels, so if you’ve found one you love, I strongly recommend you book your spot in advance!

6 Best areas to stay in Marrakech, Morocco

best areas in marrakech map
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Souks, museums, riads, spas, restaurants and more. As I mentioned before, each neighbourhood in Marrakech has different advantages and unique attractions. But which are the best areas in Marrakech for you? I’ve created a personalised list of recommendations by type of traveller below:

  • Where to stay in Marrakech for the first time – Medina
  • Where to stay in Marrakech on a budget – Agdal
  • Where to stay in Marrakech for nightlife – Hivernage & Gueliz
  • Where to stay in Marrakech for luxury – Hivernage

1 - Medina

shopping in marrakesh
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The historical medina is hands-down the BEST area to stay in Marrakech for first-timers. This neighbourhood is known to be the heart of Marrakech and it’s clearly delimited from the rest of the city by a brick wall that used to defend it. Oh, did I mention it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

What makes Medina one of the most important areas in Marrakech for tourists is the fact that this is where you’ll find all the most important attractions. I’m talking about places such as Jemaa El Fna (the central square of the city), Bahia Palace, Marrakech Museum and more. This is where the world-famous souks are located as well – traditional Moroccan markets where you can find various items from spices to rugs, shoes, handmade bags, scarves and more.  

Except for the amazing points of interest within the medina, one of the best things to do here is to take a walk on the streets, search for cosy cafes and just take in the unique vibe of this ancient neighbourhood. And admire Koutoubia Mosque from above while you’re there too!

An awesome advantage of staying within the medina is the fact that it’s extremely walkable and you can reach the most important highlights by foot in a 10-minute walk. If you want to visit things outside of the historical centre, you can easily take a taxi and you’re good to go.

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La Maison Arabe Hotel Marrakech
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And here are the best places to stay in Medina Marrakech for you to choose from:

SPLURGE. La Maison Arabe Hotel, Spa & Cooking Workshops – This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Marrakech, close to Jemaa El Fnaa square! It has a swimming pool, a spa and everything else you can wish for!

LUXURY RIAD. Royal Mansour Marrakech – Definitely one of the best places to stay in town with traditional Moroccan designs; some rooms even have a pool view!

MID-RANGE. Riad Spa Sindibad – A good value riad with excellent prices and an awesome location close to Jemaa El Fnaa and not far from Bahia Palace and other local sights either. The roof terrace is just a bonus!

BUDGET. Riad les 2 Portes – This is one of the most affordable riads in the medina, very close to Jemaa El Fna square (no more than 5 minutes away!).

HOSTEL. Mosaic Hostel – This beautiful hostel has a strong local vibe and it’s close to all the main sights in Marrakech!

APARTMENT. BnB MEDINA – One of the best places to stay if you’re looking for an apartment in the medina!

2 - Kasbah

Saadian tombs mausoleum in Marrakech
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Kasbah is technically inside the medina, but I still wanted to present it as a special separate neighbourhood. It’s basically located in south medina, near the south gate, also known as the “Royal kasbah entrance”. Of course, Kasbah is way smaller than Medina, being just a tiny part of it, so the accommodation options will be a bit limited. But the charming vibe will be just the same!

The most important attraction in Kasbah is the Saadian Tombs – historical tombs made of marble and gold, dating from the days when the Saadian dynasty was ruling the area. It’s a real proof of opulence and a unique thing to see in Morocco, if I may add! And many riads in Kasbah are clustered around the Saadian Tombs, which is a nice perk. Another highlight of the area is El Badii Palace and the Moulay El-Yazid Mosque.

You’ll also have some pretty nice restaurant options in Kasbah and you’ll be within walking distance to the main attractions in the city center. And there are lots of cute cafes and spas around! As for the prices, I’d say they’re pretty much average – not too high, not too low.

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Here are the best accommodation options in Kasbah for a comfortable stay in Marrakech:

SPLURGE. Almaha Marrakech Restaurant & SPA –  Hands-down one of the best places to stay in Marrakech for a complete splurge! This insane 5-star hotel has a swimming pool, a spa and it’s super close to all the important sights.

LUXURY RIAD. Riad Kasbah & Spa This is a gorgeous place to stay in the heart of Marrakech that has a roof terrace and two pool options! The building has been restored in an authentic, local Moroccan style, as you would expect in the medina.

MID-RANGE. Ksar Kasbah & Spa – Here’s a nice riad in the medina that offers very good value for money. Plus, the view of the indoor swimming pool is just incredible! 

BUDGET. Riad Loudaya – A cosy budget riad in the medina, close to the main sights! The on-site restaurant is a nice advantage as well.

HOSTEL. Kasbah Red Castel Hostel – A beautiful, colourful hostel close to the heart of medina, only a 10-minute walk to all the important attractions in Marrakech. The buffet breakfast with local dishes is pretty good as well!

VILLA. Villa with 6 bedrooms in Marrakesh – This cool villa can host up to 12 people, so it’s pretty perfect if you’re travelling with a big group of friends. 2km from El Fna square too!

3 - Hivernage

koutoubia mosque in marrakech
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reasons to visit marrakesh in morocco
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If you want to stay in one of the coolest parts of Marrakech, Hivernage is for you! This is also the neighbourhood where you’ll find some of the best luxury hotels in the city, as well as world-class restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Splurgin’ in Morocco in style!

Hivernage has a cool European flair to it and, although you won’t find as many traditional buildings with Moroccan design here compared to the medina, you can enjoy plenty of international restaurants, luxury hotels and lots of green spaces such as Lalla Hasna Park and Cyber Park. But at night? That’s when the magic happens! Hivernage is well-known for its vibrant nightlife so you might want to add it in your itinerary for a fun end of the day. There are so many cool nightclubs and bars here, it will be hard to get bored – or to go to bed early. 

Another cool thing about this neighbourhood is it’s located very close to the city center (including Jemaa El Fna square) and it’s also well-connected to the rest of the Red City by public transport.

Four Seasons Resort Marrakech
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And if you think that’s exactly what you need from your Marrakech neighbourhood, here are the best hotels and riads in Hivernage below:

SPLURGE. Four Seasons Resort Marrakech – This hotel is definitely a top place to stay in Marrakech! It offers a plunge pool, a spa, beautiful views of the garden from the balcony and some romantic rooms too!

LUXURY RIAD. Hivernage Secret Suites & Garden – A turquoise swimming pool, a very good restaurant, a terrace, a shared lounge – this is what you’ll find at this luxurious riad and more!

MID-RANGE. The Red HouseThis mid-range bed and breakfast located in a palace in the heart of Hivernage awaits with an on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi and awesome amenities!

BUDGET. Amani Hotel Suites & Spa This budget hotel in Marrakech has very good prices and beautiful rooms decorated in a local, Moroccan style. They also have a cafe and a panoramic restaurant which I think is pretty cool!

APARTMENT. Sunshine Apartment Marrakech – An 84 sqm apartment good for up to 4 people. It has a private pool and room service, so you’ll feel spoiled just like in a luxury hotel!

4 - Agdal

agdal gardens in marrakech
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Wondering where to stay in Marrakech on a budget? Agdal is definitely your answer! Agdal is a neighbourhood located a bit south of the city center and, although it doesn’t have as many Moroccan buildings with traditional design as the medina, it has its own charm. And it has TONS of accommodation options for all pockets and preferences! Affordable riads, hostels and good value hotels as well. 

If you decide to stay here, you won’t be very far from the centre – let’s say about a 20-minute drive. And there are plenty of public transportation options here that will make your travelling hassle-free. You’ll also have plenty of options for restaurants, cafes and bars. And a few nightclubs too!

I recommend Agdal to all travellers that want to stay in a very nice accommodation that doesn’t have sky-high prices and to those that want to be close to the historical heart of the city, but without the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds. You’ll be close to Jardins de l’Agdal / Agdal Gardens (a superb botanical garden) dating from the 12th century and the Royal Palace as well.

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If you feel like Agdal is THE place for you, here’s my list of hand-picked hotels and best riads in this beautiful neighbourhood:

SPLURGE. Kenzi Menara Palace & Resort All Inclusive – This is a cool 5-star all-inclusive resort that offers not one swimming pool, but three! It also has a restaurant, a spa and it’s walking distance to all the main attractions in the neighborhood. 

LUXURY RIAD. Al Fassia Aguedal – An upscale riad decorated in a traditional Moroccan style with cosy rooms and an awesome swimming pool! Make sure you don’t forget to try their restaurant with the same name, too.

MID-RANGE. Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa – If you’re looking for beautiful, good value hotels with family-friendly rooms, this one’s for you. And if you get a room with a pool view from the balcony, you’re golden!

BUDGET. Jnane Leila – Beautiful, traditional rooms, good prices and great amenities – this is how I would describe this B&B. The on-site luxury garden is a pretty cool bonus too!

APARTMENT. Prestigia 16 – A spacious apartment (103 sqm) fit for a family or group of friends. Each room has a modern, minimalist decor and the fully equipped kitchen is a big advantage as well!

VILLA. Villa Prestige – Huge, beautiful villa in Marrakech, perfect to enjoy all the fun you want together with your friends or family. Private pool and sun terrace included!

5 - Gueliz

Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh
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Guéliz, located west of medina, is somehow similar to Hivernage because it has a cool European vibe that appeals to youngsters especially. Because of this, it’s often called the “European Quarter”! Gueliz is a beautiful place that caters for various types of tourists. Regardless if you’re looking for an upscale hotel, a fun nightclub or music venue or a cute cafe, you’ll find all of these and more in Gueliz.

Some highlights of this area include Parc El Harti where you’ll find many world-class restaurant options and charming cafes as well – plus lots of upscale shops as well. Here’s where you’ll find the MACMA Museum of Marrakech (contemporary art museum) and lots of art galleries as well (Matisse Art Gallery, David Bloch Gallery etc.). Another unmissable point of interest here is Jardin Majorelle / Majorelle Gardens – a peaceful oasis full of beautiful plants in the middle of the city! 

As for the accommodation options, you’ll have no shortage of those here. There are numerous self-catered apartments and beautiful luxury hotels in Gueliz, as well as superb riads – and they’re not as expensive as in Hivernage. Plus, you’ll be very well connected to the rest of the city thanks to the numerous public transportation options. 

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That being said, here are the best Marrakech hotels in Gueliz:

SPLURGE. Radisson Blu Marrakech, Carré Eden – This 5-star luxury hotel is THE way to go if you want to enjoy the city of Marrakech in style! All rooms have beautiful decor and a balcony from where you can admire the city.

LUXURY HOTEL. 2Ciels Boutique Hôtel – This is one of the most stylish hotels in Gueliz! The rooms are simply superb and the accommodation also has an on-site spa, an outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant and more. 

MID-RANGE. Hôtel Ibn Batouta – If you’re looking for a good value hotel in Marrakech that has beautiful, family-friendly rooms and good proximity to the main attractions, this one’s for you!

BUDGET. Marrakech Inn Appart-hotel & Pool – An affordable accommodation in Gueliz, close to Majorelle Garden. Each room is clean, decorated in a modern style!

APARTMENTS. AiM HOUSE – This beautiful, modern apartment close to the heart of Marrakech city is an excellent choice! One of the best perks is the terrace, for sure – just imagine sipping a coffee while admiring the sunrise from there!

6 - Palmeraie

palmeraie gardens in marrakech
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Are you wondering where to stay in Marrakech for a dose of adventure without going out of the city? Heh, Palmeraie is for you then! Yes, this neighbourhood is an excellent spot if you’ve had enough of Marrakech medina, traditional buildings and sipping mint tea in a cafe. Here’s where you can ride camels, go on a quad bike adventure, play some golf and more – all without travelling to the desert.

Palmeraie is tucked away between palm trees on the banks of Tensift River and it’s a superb spot for relaxing and splurging in an upscale hotel. It’s quiet and laid-back but you’ll also have enough nightclub options to keep you busy until the morning. Palmeraie has the best of both worlds! 

There are many accommodation options here, from 5-star hotels to resorts and apartments. Most of them offer an excellent service but don’t expect low prices, especially around Jardins de la Palmeraie.

Palais Ronsard Relais & Chateaux
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If you think Palmeraie will cater to your needs, here’s my list of chosen hotels for you to pick from:

SPLURGE. Palais Ronsard Relais & Chateaux – Trust me, it simply doesn’t get better than this! Book a room here if you want the most luxurious stay in Marrakech during which you’ll enjoy an outdoor pool, a spa, a romantic room and more.

BOUTIQUE HOTEL. Tigmiza Boutique Hotel & Spa – This is among the most charming boutique hotels in the city! It has a spa, superb rooms, a terrace, and an on-site restaurant with delicious dishes.

LUXURY RIAD. Maison Ayda – Yes, I have found a riad (more like a holiday home) in Palmeraie that offers beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains! It also has a garden and BBQ facilities, so that’s pretty neat too. 

MID-RANGE. Villa Le Perroquet Bleu – This beautiful villa offers different types of rooms depending on your preferences and budget. It’s located in a lush location, 10 km away from the main attractions in the city of Marrakech.

BUDGET APARTMENT. Palmeraie Village – There aren’t many budget hotels in Palmeraie, but I have found you this affordable apartment with two rooms instead. Perfect for a convenient, pocket-friendly stay in the city of Marrakech!

BONUS: Other good areas to stay in Marrakech

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  • Bab Doukkala – technically located inside of the medina, only 15 minutes away by foot from Jemaa El Fna square. This is where Bab Doukkala mosque is located;
  • Mellah – the old Jewish district of Marrakech that has tons of beautiful rooftop terrace options. Good if you want to sip a coffee and admire a view over Jemaa El Fna square in the heart of the city!
  • Kennaria – technically located inside the medina. It’s a very good place to explore the authentic side of the city;
  • Chrifia – family-friendly neighbourhood located south of medina. A very laid-back area to stay in Marrakech!

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Did you find the perfect place to stay in Marrakech for your trip yet? I hope so, as the article above has every recommendation you might need! I have talked about the 6 best areas to stay in Marrakech and given you my hand-picked options for excellent hotels, riads, hostels, apartments and villas as well. What more could you wish for?

In case you’re planning a trip to Marrakech soon and want to read more about the city and all the cool things you can do there, I recommend this article > Complete guide to Marrakesh, Morocco: 10 Things to Do and Reasons to Visit. And here are all my articles about Morocco!




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