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10 Best Beaches in Mallorca Spain
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People aren’t wrong when they say Mallorca is all about the beaches. With over 200 stretches of sand, it’s hard to choose where to enjoy the sea on this Balearic Island. There is the resort haven of the southern beaches, the more remote beaches further across in the northeast, and the stunning stone beaches etched into the cliffs in the west. So which are the best beaches in Mallorca?

Wait ‘til you hear it: there are no less than 262 beaches in Mallorca and their added length is 50 km. HOW on this Earth could you choose just one?!

Luckily for you, below are 10 of my favourite beaches around Mallorca, each a little different from the other and all worth a visit! And by the way, I totally recommend going around the island to explore the different strips of fine white sand instead of staying in one place – it would be such a shame!

Here we go:

A couple of things to know before

Cala Comtesa in Mallorca
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  • Without a rented car, it may be tricky to reach some of these beaches, as you’ll need to make your way there by bus. So I totally recommend you rent a car for your trip around Mallorca – this will help you reach the more off-the-beaten-path beaches. You can check for up-to-date prices and types of cars available right here.
  • There are many blue flag beaches in Mallorca which means they respect all health and safety rules.
  • The weather in Mallorca is warm all year long; in summer the temperatures can reach 40ºC with an average of 30ºC.
  • The high season in Mallorca is from June to August. I recommend visiting in mid-May or September-October if you want to enjoy perfect weather and fewer tourists on the beaches.
  • If you want to explore the best beaches in Mallorca from a different perspective, I recommend taking a boat tour. I recommend this 5-Hour Catamaran Cruise, this North Coast Catamaran Cruise with Lunch or this Luxury Catamaran Tour with Buffet Meal and Mimosas!
  • Should you book one of those Mallorca beach hotels? Most people choose to spend their vacation in an all-inclusive beachfront resort. That’s an excellent idea and here are some very good options – St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, Pleta De Mar Luxury Hotel By Nature and Iberostar Selection Playa De Muro Village. However, I recommend doing at least a couple of day trips to different beaches in order to explore a bit – remember, all of them are different from each other!
  • You won’t find any shops near many of the beaches in Mallorca, so I recommend buying everything you might need before getting there.
  • Be a conscious traveller and make sure you don’t leave any garbage behind on the beach. There aren’t many trash cans either, so I recommend taking your garbage back with you and maybe taking a bag with you for this exact purpose.
  • Make sure you wear reef-safe sunscreen when swimming.
  • ALWAYS make sure you bring cash as you cannot pay for parking by card and there are no ATMs around the beaches. Guga and I got caught out with this and it was really not fun.
  • Getting there by scooter? Make sure you set your sat-nav to avoid highways as scooters are not allowed to drive on them.
  • Last but not least: be considerate of other people on the beach and your surroundings.
map of mallorca with the best beaches signalled on the map
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10 Best beaches in Mallorca

It has been SO hard to choose, but below you’ll find my short list of the 10 best beaches in Mallorca, with a few extra (bonus) recommendations down below in a separate section:


Cala Formentor in Mallorca
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Located on the most northern tip of the island in a stunning bay, you would think that Cala Formentor would be pretty untouched. But its reputation is out and Cala Formentor has become a popular spot with tourists. Even though it’s popular, I didn’t find it particularly overcrowded. Its setting is so pretty, with mountains sat at either side and crystal-clear blue water giving home to little boats moored in the distance. You can rent leaf huts (with a little safety box for your valuables) or loungers if you’d prefer some shade.


Car: 1h10m drive from Palma de Mallorca. Parking costs between €8-12 for the day.

Bus: TIB bus – line 353. Leaving from Alcudia, duration of 30min – costs 1.85€ each way. Leaving from Port de Pollença, duration of 1 hour – costs 1.55€ each way.

Melissa standing on Cala Formentor Beach in Mallorca
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Boats at Cala Formentor in Mallorca
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La Veranda Restaurant serves Mallorcan traditional dishes as well as some western favourites like pizzas and burgers.


Mar Calma Hotel is a great value option offering modern and comfortable facilities at below-competition prices, located in the nearby town of Puerto Pollença.

RELATED READ: For more information about Puerto Pollenca, I recommend checking out my article about the 12 Most Beautiful Mallorca Resorts, Cities and Villages


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With sharp turns through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, it’s a thrilling drive to reach the beach of Sa Calobra. The way the road snakes up and down is spectacular in itself, but if you get motion sickness, make sure you shotgun a front seat! 

Once you arrive, you’ll find the beach itself is tucked away between the cliffs. There’s a 15min walk down a narrow footpath through a tunnel etched into the rocks to reach it. Although the beach is small, and with pebbles instead of sand, it’s very beautiful. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular with tourists! I loved swimming out of the small opening of crystal clear water and into the open sea. With the gigantic mountains hugging the ocean on either side, it makes you feel so small.

TIP: Be prepared as this beach can get REALLY crowded, especially if you are visiting in the high season.


Car: 1h30m from Palma de Mallorca. Parking costs 0.50€ for 30min and 5€ for the entire day.

Bus: TIB Bus – line 355. Leaving from Alcúdia at 10:15 AM, duration of 2h 35m– costs 6.90€. Leaving from Pollença at 10:50 AM, duration of 2 hours, costs 4.80€. Returning from Sa Calobra at 3 pm. There is only one bus a day (one going to Sa Calobra and one returning), so keep in mind that you are dependent on bus times and seats.

Boat: There are lots of companies that offer boat tours to Sa Calobra, most commonly from Port de Soller. A good company to check out is Civitatis.

Melissa standing on a rock with the winding roads of Sa Calobra in the background
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Melissa standing close to the camera on a rock at Sa Calobra
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There are a few restaurants on your walk down from the car park to the beach, however, I would not recommend eating here. These restaurants are more expensive and don’t have particularly great reviews. I would opt to eat in the nearby town of Soller instead or bring a packed lunch to have while at the beach.


Tuent Experience is a remote hotel hidden amongst the Sierra de Tramuntana, located close to Cala Tuent and 10 minutes away by car to Sa Calobra.


The beach of Cala Comtesa just outside of Palma de Mallorca
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Looking for the best beaches near Palma? Just south of Palma de Mallorca, Cala Comtesa is the closest beach to the capital to resemble paradise. Its stretch of fine white sand, prettily surrounded by rocks and trees, looks perfectly aesthetic. However, what is not perfectly aesthetic is the crowds of locals and tourists alike who set up their towels packed up like sardines along the shoreline. 

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I should include Comtesa in this post but it’s still a very beautiful spot, even if it is very crowded. My favourite thing about this beach is that you can follow the water to the right and explore a little rocky peninsula. There are even some private spots where you can set up among the rocks (be careful as they can be a bit jagged) and cave-like entryways down into the sea.

TIP: Splash out and spend a day at a nearby beach club. That way you get the privacy AND the view! Check out Purobeach Illetas which is one of Mallorca’s best relaxation spots!


Car: 20-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca. There is a car park nearby and also street parking.

Scooter: 20-30min from Palma de Mallorca. 

Bus: EMT Palma – line 3. Leaving from multiple stops in Palma, duration of 45min – costs 1.5€ each way. This bus goes all the way through the city, stopping at the main hub for public transportations Plaça d’Espanya. There are buses every 20 minutes, with the first one at 5.45 AM.

Melissa lying down on a rock at Cala Comtesa in Mallorca
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Melissa standing on a rock at Cala Comtesa Mallorca
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You can find a tiny restaurant above the beach where you can eat a quick lunch, but I still recommend bringing your own food with you in case you’re visiting late in the day, as the restaurant closes after lunchtime.


Bonanza Palace Playa Resort & SPA is a great 4-star hotel located only 15 minutes away by foot from this beach.


Melissa sitting on a rock at Cala Deia in Mallorca
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Cala Deia is a very pretty, small cove made up of large, smooth rocks, small pebbles and a short dash of sand. Its crystal-clear waters and surrounding rolling hills make Cala Deia a highlight. However, my favourite part of Cala Deia would have to be the jump spots! There is a higher jump point (3 meters) to the right side of the cove and a much smaller one in the middle if you need a warm-up jump to help build up your confidence.

NOTE: Please make sure it is completely safe before you jump in. Watch out for swimmers below and check for depth and any hidden rocks hiding under the water before taking the leap!

TIP: Bring water shoes if you are not comfortable with pebble/rock beaches. You may appreciate them!


Car: 1h from Palma de Mallorca. Parking costs approximately 1.50€ per hour

Scooter: 1h20m from Palma de Mallorca. We took this option! The drive felt safe and relaxed, and we split up the journey by stopping in the town of Valldemossa. The benefit of scooters is free parking and how easy it is to find a space!

Bus: EMT Palma – line 210 Leaving from the TIB’s station in Plaça D’Espanya, duration of 45min – costs 2.95€ for a single and 5.90€ for a return. There are buses roughly every 1–2hrs, with the first one at 6:30 AM. The bus takes you to the town of Deia, then you must walk 20-30min downhill to Cala Deià. You can also get a 10min taxi which will cost 5-7€.

Cala Deia at sunrise
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S’Hortet is a great, healthy option in the town of Deia. The meals are prepared with fresh and creative ingredients and they make some delicious cakes too!


Hotel Des Puig is a pretty 4-star hotel and apartment with a gym, cosy communal living spaces and two outdoor pools.


Beach at Cala Major in Majorca Spain
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The best beach in close proximity to the capital of Palma would have to be Cala Major. With 250m of golden sand surrounded by hotels, bars and restaurants, this beach isn’t the place to go if you’re in search of the secluded beaches on Mallorca island but it gives you everything you need if you’re looking for good summer vibes.  It’s pretty popular, but there is a little rocky area to the right of the shore that’s a good place to set up base if you’d prefer to sit further from the crowds.


Car: 15min from Palma de Mallorca. Parking costs are approximately 1.50€ per hour

Scooter: 20min from Palma de Mallorca. 

Bus: EMT Palma – line 3, 20 or 46. Leaving from multiple stops in Palma, duration of 20min – costs 1.50€ each way. This bus goes all the way through the city, stopping at the main hub for public transportations Plaça d’Espanya. There are buses every 15-30min, with the first one at 5:29 AM. All of the buses stop directly in front of the beach.

Melissa sitting on a rock at Cala Major Mallorca
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The Crow’s Nest serves delicious, authentic food with South African influences. Some excellent vegetarian options as well!


Nixe Palace is a 5-star beachfront accommodation with an outdoor pool, a spa and more!


Beach at Calo Del Moro in Mallorca
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Cala dos Moro in Mallorca Spain
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This is not just a beautiful beach… but it’s probably one of the MOST beautiful ones on the coast! There’s one downside to it, though – like all good things in life, it’s not as easy to access. You’ll have to climb down some rocks in order to reach it, but the effort is totally worth it. Es Calo del Moro is a small, natural, well-preserved beach that will feel like your own strip of secluded Paradise with blue waters. A great spot for snorkelling too!


Car: 1 hour from Palma de Mallorca. 

Scooter: 1h20m from Palma de Mallorca.

Bus: I’ll warn you from the start: it’s very hard to get to this beach without your own car. You can only get to Es Calo del Moro by bus from Santyaní. So you’ll first have to get to Polygon S’olivo bus stop from Palma. Then take TIB bus no. 505 to Calo del Moro – duration 20min.

Secluded cave at Calo Des Moro
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There are no restaurants, beach clubs, bars or sun loungers on this beach. You can grab a bite at Cala Figuera, which is close by.


There are no accommodations on the beach. The White Beach House is a beautiful holiday home located only 20 minutes by foot from Es Calo del Moro.


Beach at S'Amarador in Mallorca
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S’Amarador Beach is one of Mallorca’s most nature-rich beaches! It’s located right in Mondrago Natural Park (a protected nature preserve) and it’s surrounded by sand dunes, rocky coves and pine and cypress trees. And yes, you guessed it, it’s truly natural and unspoiled! And because it’s only reachable by car, it’s one of the most secluded beaches on Mallorca Island that you surely want to visit. It’s a good choice for a family with children as well, as there’s plenty of space for the little ones to play frisbee and run around the sandy beach.

While you’re here, make sure you check out the nearby Cala Mondragó which is smaller but equally nice!


Car: You can only get to this beach by car. Travel time is 1h10min from Palma de Mallorca. You can leave your car at Strand Cala Mondragó for 5€/day which is donated to charity (so nice!). Then you can walk to the beach.

S'Amarador Beach on a sunny summer day
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There are no restaurants on this beach (but there’s a beachside bar). However, I recommend going to Restaurant Sa Font De N’Alis which is only 7 minutes walk. They have yummy seafood dishes as well as some vegetarian options.


Hotel Playa Mondrago is not on this beach, but it’s only half a kilometre away and offers nice rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and more!


Es Trenc Beach in Mallorca
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Es Trenc Beach is known as being the biggest unspoilt beach on the coast of Majorca – after all, it’s 3.5km long and 60m wide! It’s surrounded by sand dunes and turquoise waters and there are also two beach bars with cool drinks and music. If you visit during the weekend in the summer, don’t expect it to be quiet, as you might encounter lots of tourists and locals alike.


Car: 50 minutes from Palma de Mallorca. There’s limited free parking available and paid parking right near Es Trenc Restaurant (they give you a voucher which you can deduct from your restaurant bill).

Bus: There are no direct buses or bus stops close to Es Trenc Beach.

Houses on the hills of Es Trenc in Mallorca
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There are a couple of beach bars here but they’re really expensive (12€ for a drink). You can eat at Es Trenc Restaurant where the food is good and, if you use their parking (costs 10€) you can use deduct the price of the parking ticket from the price of your meal (not available for drinks or kids menu).


Es Trenc doesn’t have any hotels on the beach. I recommend staying at Agroturismo Ses Arenes which is a super nice country house located only 1 km from this beach.


Beach at Cala Torta Mallorca
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This beach is located near Arta town, in the northwestern part of the island. It’s not that easy to reach, as you’ll have to drive on an unpaved road – but the effort is definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking for a natural sandy beach, turquoise water and some peace of mind. Although you can’t do any water sports here (no sun loungers or toilets either), the clear water is excellent for snorkelling or scuba diving in the bay. Make sure you check out Arta and Cala Mesquida as well while you’re there!


Car: 1h30min from Palma de Mallorca. Car park available for free. This is the only way to get there (or a scooter), but please keep in mind that the last kilometre of the road is not that “friendly”, as it’s a dirt road with lots of potholes. If you have a rented car, pay attention!

Cala Torta in Mallorca at Sunset
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There are no restaurants or beach bars here except for a small snack stand only open in the summer.


No hotels directly on the beach. If you want to be as close to it as possible, book a room at VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa which is a 4-star resort located 1.2 km away. They have 7 swimming pools (what?!), sun terraces, parasols, hammocks and everything else in-between.


Boats at Cala Varques Mallorca
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Located on the East coast, Cala Varques is a beautiful bay and one of Mallorca’s best-kept secrets. Part of its charm is the fact that it’s not easily accessible – you’ll have to park your car, then walk through pine trees to get to the beach. What you’ll find there is a quiet, laid-back beach, but please note that it’s not advisable to reach it with your kids, as there’s a bit of climbing included. But if you’re up for a bit of adventure, Varques Beach might just be the best one for you on the entire coastline!

There are no water sports or loungers here… but there IS a slight chance you’ll find people practising nudism here.


Car: 1h10min travel time from Palma de Mallorca. You’ll have to leave your car in the “Fig Parking Place” on Google Maps and then keep walking (15 mins) until you reach the end of a road. That’s where you’ll find a metal gate. Follow the arrows and then climb the 1.8m tall wall (you’ll have some rocks there to help you) then another short wall. After this, you’ll clearly see your way to the beach.

Arch at Cala Varques in Mallorca
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There’s a small snack stall on the beach with drinks. That’s it. I recommend taking food with you when you go and maybe a coolbox with drinks as well!


No hotels on the beach. The closest accommodation is Finca Son Josep de Baix which is a nice country house with private apartments, BBQ facilities and more.

BONUS: Other notable beaches in Mallorca

Melissa sitting on a rock with a view over the Cap de Formentor
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  • Playa de Alcúdia – a popular blue flag beach perfect for families, located in the Northern part of Mallorca;
  • Cala Mesquida – a super nice beach to visit, right near a nature reserve and pine trees, as well as sand dunes. Recommended for a secluded experience, but with several restaurant options! Plus, it’s one of the few ones where you can surf!
  • Playa de Cala Pi – busy beach located between cliffs with a very nice vibe. The road down to it offers an impressive view too!
  • Banyalbufar Beach – a superb, scenic beach in western Mallorca surrounded by pretty vineyards. Water shoes are recommended if you want to swim, as there are lots of rocks on the seabed here.
  • Cala Barques – this one is located in San Vicente town and it’s a blue flag beach with lots of hotel options along the coastline. There are also water sports, sun loungers and lots of other amenities.
  • Magaluf – a very popular beach and the perfect spot to make some travel friends. There are also lots of hotels, shops, food places and cute cafes along the beach and the vibe is young and fun.
  • Cala Mondragó – located in the Natural Park of Mondragó, this superb double bay has soft sand, turquoise waters and a laid-back vibe, ideal for families with kids.
  • Cala d’en Borgit – right near Cala Mondrago, this one is tiny and charming, hidden between big bushes. A small piece of Paradise on earth!
  • Sant Elm – this is actually a gorgeous beachside village with mountain views – what more do I need to say?! There are two beaches here – Sa Platja G (bigger, lots of amenities) and Cala Petita (smaller, good for kids).

This was my complete guide to Mallorca’s best beaches – Cala Formentor, Deia, Sala Calobra and 7 others! Most of these are not among the most popular ones where all tourists flock year-round. Instead, I tried to recommend some real hidden gems where you’ll feel like you have the entire place to yourself. But if this is not enough, I also have a bonus section with extra recommendations – you know I always got you covered! 😉

If you need more info and advice for planning your Majorca beach holidays, I recommend clicking here to find all my articles about this wonderful destination.




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10 best beaches in mallorca spain
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    10 Best Beaches in Mallorca Spain
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