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About Central America

Central America is a special place in the Americas with a lot to offer. Its northern neighbour is Mexico and its southern one is Colombia. It’s pretty compact but extremely exciting! There are only 7 countries in Central America, as follows: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. Some people consider Mexico to be part of it, too, but that’s still open to discussion.

Some of the best places to visit in Central America are the active volcanoes in Guatemala, the turquoise waters of Belize, the surf towns of Nicaragua and the lush rainforests in Costa Rica. But not only! It’s really hard to only choose one to recommend on my list of Central America vacation spots, so my recommendation is to visit them ALL if you can, as each of them has a different vibe and advantages to offer. Central America is a place of history, culture, natural beauty and complete chill vibes! There are many places to travel in Central America and I’ll tell you about the best bits below.

The Best Bits

Although Central America is not that big, there are literally SO many things to do there! Central America is world-renowned for its surfing (El Salvador or Nica, anyone?) and scuba diving spots (the isles of Honduras), which are much cheaper to access than the ones in Mexico or the Caribbean, for example. There are also beautiful cacao and coffee farms to be found here, as well as exciting volcanoes, beach parties, wildlife and lots of backpacking adventures.
Regardless if you want to catch some waves, hike some volcanoes or simply lay on the beach and get a perfect tan, there are enough Central America travel destinations for each and every one of us!
This part of the continent is a popular vacation spot for Americans, but I think everyone should visit this part of the world at least once. And if my list wasn’t thorough enough, you should also expect ancient ruins, incredible lakes, waters and hot springs, plus some very colourful local markets as well!

Fun Facts About Central America

This part of the world may not be as vast as Africa or Asia, but it’s definitely an unforgettable place to discover. Here are some fun facts about Central America you might want to know about before you go:
The Language Spanish is the main spoken language in 6 out of 7 countries of Central America. Well, except for Belize, where English is the official language.
Honduran Discovery When Christopher Columbus discovered America, he first stepped foot in Honduras.
No Address? No Problem! Here’s one of the most interesting facts about Central America in my opinion: Nicaragua doesn’t believe in street names and numbers. No, sir! They identify addresses by whatever important landmark is near that house.
Mayan Ruins If you want to see some beautiful ancient Mayan sites, go to Belize. They have around 900 of those!
Chocolate Currency Ancient Maya people used chocolate as a currency instead of… actual money. Well, that should tell us something about the importance of cocoa on these lands!
Sun Rise, Sun Set If you want to see the sun rising over the Pacific Ocean and setting over the Atlantic Ocean, Panama is the place to go. It’s the only spot in the world where this happens!
Royal Status The Queen of England is also a Queen in Belize. Nope, not figuratively, she officially has a royal status there.
Near The Water If you visit Central America, you won’t be more than 200km away from the ocean at any given time. There’s no spot there further to the ocean than this!

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