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Travel Guide For The United Kingdom

Although I consider myself to be a citizen of the world, my home will always be in the UK. I was born here, after all. London forever, baby! And my love for England is ever-growing. I mean, how could it not? This amazing kingdom in Northwestern Europe has everything you can wish for and more: a rich history and lots of traditions, superb cities, a special cuisine, tons of pubs, sports, music and more.

London is, hands down, the #1 tourist attraction here. But in my opinion, no UK tour should end without a couple of days exploring away from London (to Stonehenge, for example), seeing some museums, having a cup of 5 o’clock tea, doing some shopping, trying some fish and chips and maybe even seeing a bit of Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well.

I’ve been exploring Britain all my life so, if you’re planning to visit it as well, you should read all I have to say about my home country. Spoiler alert: you’ll find everything you need to know!

Things To Know Before You Go – United Kingdom


The official currency of the UK is the Pound sterling. Or, simply put, the pound (GBP). 1 USD is the equivalent of 0.75 GBP.


The main language of the UK is English. The OG, British English, of course.


The main religion of UK citizens is Christianity - around 59% of the population.

Best Time To Travel

The United Kingdom is an incredible destination all year round, but the best time to visit England is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November).


No, sir, you do not need a visa to enter the UK for tourism.


There are no officially required vaccines for entering the UK.

SIM Cards

I totally recommend buying a prepaid SIM card upon your arrival in England. One of the best options for tourists is Giffgaff or EE.



I’m a travel enthusiast, content creator and sun seeker extraordinaire! I love a good matcha latte, am obsessed with hats and like to give human names to the stray animals that I befriend on my travels ( I’m talking about you, Lesley!) In 2018 I took the leap and switched my London lifestyle for continuous adventures abroad.

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