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Travel Guide For Spain

Hola, travellers! Let me tell you right from the start: Spain is one of my favourite destinations in Europe and an incredible country that caters for all types of tourists out there. It has everything you can wish for: awesome beaches, amazing food and restaurants, culture-rich towns and world-class museums.

Although it’s super hard to choose, I can say that some of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain include Madrid (the capital), Barcelona, Mallorca and Seville, among others. No Spain tours should end without you tasting some traditional tapas and paella, upgrading your dancing skills with some flamenco and visiting at least a couple of Salvador Dalí’s buildings.

Ready to pack your luggage? Before planning your Spain itinerary, I recommend reading all about my adventures in this country, so you can be fully informed before your departure.

Things To Know Before You Go – Spain


The official currency of Spain is the Euro (€).


The main language spoken in Spain is Spanish. Luckily for tourists, English is widely spoken here as well.


Most Spanish people follow the Catholic religion (Christianity) - around 70% of the population.

Best Time To Travel

The best time to visit Spain is spring (March to May) and autumn (September, October) - best temperatures and fewer tourists. The high season is during summer.


Good news! You can visit the country without a visa if you’re planning to tour Spain for less than 90 days.


No vaccines are required for entering Spain.

SIM Cards

The best prepaid SIM card for travellers in Spain is either Orange or Vodafone.




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