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8 Things to Do in Nusa Ceningan Bali
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Planning a trip to Nusa Ceningan or all three Nusa islands on the Southeast Coast of Indonesia? That sounds like an amazing plan! You must now be looking for the best things to do in Nusa Ceningan, I suppose. That’s great because you opened the right article, my friend. Get ready to find out everything you need to know!

Nusa Ceningan is a small island a short boat ride away from the Balinese coast. The boat actually drops you at the larger island of Nusa Lembongan, which is connected to Nusa Ceningan by a narrow yellow bridge. Whether you choose to stay on popular Nusa Lembongan or prefer the more remote Nusa Ceningan, you can easily explore both by scooter as the islands are easily covered in a few hours or a day trip. 

With crystal-clear waters, palm trees, dramatic coastal cliffs and fun, social beach club vibes, many come here in search of the tropical island feel that the Bali mainland seems to have lost.

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Okay, let’s get going. But first, here’s a Nusa Ceningan map to see exactly where these places are located:

nusa islands map bali indonesia
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8 Best things to do in Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan is the smallest of the three islands, with a laid-back vibe, perfect for relaxation away from the crowds. Keep in mind that there aren’t as many restaurants and bars here, compared with the other two above. But still, you won’t get bored! 

Here are the unmissable things to do in Nusa Ceningan:

1 - Cliff jump at the Blue Lagoon

Cliff jump at the Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan
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The Blue Lagoon has one of the most beautiful shades of turquoise blue I have ever seen and it’s definitely up high on everyone’s itinerary for Nusa Ceningan.

But there’s more to the Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan than you might expect! If you’re looking for a bit of a thrill, this is the place for you. The rocky cove has some of the best cliff jumping spots in Bali with drops between 4 and 13 meters (wowcha!). 

Not feeling adventurous? If you’re not a jumper, you can just sit on the rocks and enjoy the view at Nusa Ceningan Blue Lagoon. The glittering water, the scenic landscape, the setting sun… and hope you don’t see anyone belly flop!

2 - Swim with Manta Rays

Snorkelling diving with manta rays
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There are some incredible diving and snorkelling spots around the Nusa Islands. The most famous spot is Manta Bay. Here you can swim with a squadron of gigantic manta rays, amongst other sea life. Private or group tours to Manta Bay can be arranged from any of the Nusa Islands. We arranged ours through Bali Bucket List Tours.

3 - Visit the best beaches in Nusa Ceningan

Secrect beach Nusa ceningan
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Everyone knows Bali has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and Nusa Ceningan, although small, is no exception. At the ends of the bumpy roads of Nusa Ceningan, you can find some incredible beaches with different features, from paradisiac sandy beaches with quiet waters to rocky shores where the waves crash.

My favourite beaches are: Secret Beach (which is now not-so-secret-anymore) and Song Tepo Beach.

You can also add The Sand Nusa Ceningan as a notable beach with plenty of good reviews, but we didn’t get to visit it.

4 - Surf or cliff jump at Mahana Point

Mahana Point Nusa Ceningan
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Mahana Point Nusa Ceningan is a cliffside restaurant that offers amazing ocean views and three of the best cliff-jumping platforms on the islands. The restaurant has three cliff jumping planks and a system of pay-per-jump, where visitors can jump and climb back up using the ladder. 

Mahana Point is also the name of the surf spot, named after the restaurant, a reef break for intermediate level surfers.

In case you’re not interested in any of these activities, you can simply grab a beer and admire the view. 

Price: 50,000 IDR (3.50 US$) for the higher jump and 25,000 IDR (1.75 US$) for the smaller jump.

5 - Enjoy a cocktail at a beach club

Nusa Ceningan Sea Breeze Beach Club
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Nusa Ceningan Sea Breeze Beach Club
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Beach clubbing is a rising trend and Bali provides some of the best. Whether you’re looking for a secluded poolside sanctuary or a fun and social atmosphere, Nusa Ceningan has some great beach club options for a sunny day session. 

My favourite in Nusa Ceningan is Sea Breeze Beach Club for its fun, social vibe and delicious food options, from local to international dishes. If you´re feeling something fancier, check out Klyf Club on the other side of the island.

6 - Take pictures with the beach swings

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan
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You’ll find sets of swings hidden across the beaches on the islands. Some in the water, some on the sand – either way, they’re fun for a chill or to take a photo!

Below are the ones we found:

7 - Cross the iconic Yellow Bridge to Nusa Lembongan

things to do in nusa ceningan
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Yes, the Yellow Bridge that connects Nusa Ceningan to Nusa Lembongan is an attraction by itself! I recommend crossing it in order to take some pictures, but also to visit Nusa Lembongan – it would be a shame not to! If you want to find out about the best things to do in Nusa Lembongan such as the Mushroom Bay or Dream Beach, I recommend reading my article: 8 Things to Do in Nusa Lembongan Island, Bali

8 - Zipline across the water

Zip lining Nusa Ceningan
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Here’s another suggestion for the adventure-seekers: you can go zip lining across the cliffs at Abyss Zipline, which is right at Ceningan Resort. Afterwards, you can unwind and enjoy the cliff top pool while sipping on a cocktail or a beer at the bar (Driftwood Bar).

Getting to Nusa Ceningan

How to get to the Nusa Islands
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Nusa Ceningan can only be reached via the other two islands, you cannot go there directly from Bali. The most popular route is Nusa Lembongan (where most people stay during their trip) to Nusa Ceningan.


To get there, you need to first get from Bali to Nusa Lembongan, then from Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan.

TIP: If you want to find out how to reach Nusa Lembongan from Bali, I recommend reading my complete Nusa Lembongan guide – I’m explaining everything there!


There’s a bridge connecting Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan called the “Yellow Bridge” (or “The Bridge of Love” as it has been renamed after its reconstruction in 2017) and you can easily cross it by foot or scooter. It’s all a matter of minutes!


If you, on the other hand, want to reach Nusa Ceningan from Nusa Penida island, you can take a local boat at Toya Pakeh harbour. The ride only takes 15 minutes and the price is 50.000 IDR (3.50 US$) per person one-way.

Where to stay in Nusa Ceningan island

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Here are my hand-picked recommendations for the best places to stay in Nusa Ceningan during your trip (in case you’re planning to spend the night, of course):


  • Twilight Ceningan – A gorgeous 4-star accommodation that has literally everything you can think of: beach access, an outdoor pool, a bar, a restaurant and countless opportunities for snorkelling and fishing as well. A perfect place for some world-class relaxation!
  • Blue Lagoon Avia Villas Nusa Ceningan – Located pretty close to Devil’s Tear, this beautiful 4-star Nusa Ceningan hotel has an outdoor swimming pool where you can stay and splash all day. If you’re bored, you can relax in the garden or sip a cocktail at the on-site bar!


  • Le Pirate Beach Club – In case you’re looking for a good value beachfront accommodation, this one’s for you! They have free wifi, cute decor, excellent seating areas and everything in-between!
  • Tatak Bunut Villa – This 3-star accommodation is not far from the Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan and it has a great on-site restaurant, yummy breakfast, an outdoor pool and even rooms with a sea view!


  • Nusa Veranda Sunset Villas & Restaurant – A great location, pretty rooms, private bathroom and a laid-back vibe – this accommodation is simply a good choice! They also have a sun terrace and the possibility to book various activities around the island through them.
  • Ceningan Inn – The breakfast is included in the price here and this already sounds amazing! This cosy inn has great prices, clean rooms, free Wi-Fi and more and it’s also located very close to Song Tepo Beach.

How to get around Nusa Ceningan island

getting around nusa islands
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scooter rental at nusa islands in bali
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If you’re only visiting Nusa Ceningan, the good news is that you can easily explore Nusa Ceningan on foot or bike, without the need to rent a scooter. Walking is completely free (a great advantage) and bikes cost 60.000 (4.20 US$) for an entire day.

But if you want to visit Nusa Lembongan as well, for example, I recommend renting a motorbike or scooter, especially if you’re a confident driver. It’s a fun and easy way to explore the island and see the hidden and hard-to-reach places. The roads are much quieter than on mainland Bali and with less traffic, it feels much safer too. There is a small yellow bridge that connects Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan, so it’s easy to cover both islands in a couple of hours’ drive.

NOTE: Think about renting a car? Think again! You can only reach Nusa Ceningan by bike as the connecting bridge is not wide enough for cars to pass.

Where to eat in Nusa Ceningan island

best restaurants in nusa islands
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Although small, Nusa Ceningan offers enough good places to eat so you won’t get bored during your visit. Here are my best recommendations:

  • Sea Breeze Warung – More than a restaurant, Sea Breeze Warung is already a well-known attraction; they have created a space by the sea for people to hang out and socialise, with hammocks, comfy seating, a pool and even some swings. The menu has tons of options, both local and international. We spent a morning here lounging by the pool, playing on swings and chilling in hammocks and we really enjoyed it!
  • Next Level Cafe – A cute little open-air cafe with good coffee, good food and a beautiful view of the water. The brunch here is damn good too!
  • Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan Beach Club – a cool beach bar where you can eat, drink and, if you pass the minimum spend, you can also take a jump in their pool!
  • Klyf Club – with amazing views of the blue lagoon, come here to chill out and enjoy a luxury pool club vibe at the beach bar.

My travel tips for travelling to the islands

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Now that you know everything about the best things to do in Nusa Ceningan, let me give you some of my most precious advice for visiting Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida before you leave:


Come prepared with enough cash for your stay as the ATMs across the island are not always reliable. Some of the beach clubs and restaurants accept card payment, but it’s better to play it safe!


Island life comes with a higher price as everything has to be imported from mainland Bali. You can still find cheap warungs, but expect a general rise in prices, especially if you’re going to the beach clubs. It is what it is!


This advice is especially good if you’re riding a scooter on the islands. The roads can be dusty so it’s good to have these on hand so you don’t look like you belong in the cast of Mad Max in all your photos. For the same reason, it’s also good to carry a mask with you so you can cover your mouth and nose.


Or a sarong. Oftentimes, you’ll need them in order to enter various sacred places such as the Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave and it’s better to have them than pay the small fee for nothing. And here’s a golden tip as well: leave a scarf to cover your scooter’s seat whenever you park. This way, the seat won’t be burning when you return to your scooter!

This was my complete guide that contains all the best things to do in Nusa Ceningan as well as the best places to stay, restaurants and info about how to get there and how to get around the island.

From laying on the beach or splashing around in infinity pools to cliff jumping at Mahana Point or the Blue Lagoon, sipping cocktails at the beach bars and tasting all that amazing island food, I promise you won’t get bored on this beautiful island in Southeast Asia! Nusa Ceningan is a perfect destination if you’re a couple, a solo traveller, a digital nomad, if you’re visiting with your family and more!

Need more help with planning your Bali holiday? I recommend clicking here to find all my articles about this place that I consider to be my second home. And here you will find all my articles and adventures in Indonesia.




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